So, you cheated on your boyfriend. You’re sorry and you want to keep dating him. So, how do you get him to trust you again? Sara’s here to offer some advice on dealing with broken trust in a relationship and how to handle the fallout. It’s an icky situation, but one you just might be able to get through with enough work and communication.

What really counts as cheating? What if you weren’t saying, “I cheated,” and the tables were turned–making you the one who was cheated on? How would you deal? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • Elliot

    It all depends on what part ypu play. The cheated on or the cheater. but when exactly is it cheating? What if you have been open about ypur attraction to the 3rd person and want an open relationship but your boyfriend thinks its nuts! Whats right?

  • Alex

    If you’re a cheater then you should not ask for forgiveness, because you are scum and you do not deserve it. If someone cheated on me, they will be hated until the day I die, because forgiving cheaters is like saying it’s okay, and it is NOT okay.

  • Blargal

    AYFKM? I hope this is parody. I have had women cheat on me, and, due to the possible diseases out there, there is NO WAY I would go back to them.After all, if everything seemed fine, and they got away cheating for a while, trust ends as soon as you learn about the side session.

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  • Leila

    I feel that you also need to be honest about why you cheated (but do it in a way that doesn’t make it seem like you’re blaming him) because until you work through those issues, it will totally happen again.

  • Aimy

    Wat happen to the old sexy time gurl ? I really liked her and this new gurl . But i miss the old one