Every gotten a racing heart or sweaty palms when you’re two minutes away from curfew and five miles from home? Dealt with feelings of isolation when it’s Saturday night, you’re home, and the rest of the world is out having fun? Felt bouts of sudden rage when forced to play Monopoly with your lame kid brother instead of going to the movies with friends? Well, then you could be suffering from SPS, or strict parent syndrome and Meg’s got just the remedy. Here are five ways to deal with strict parents that can help you in a major way.

Do you have strict parents? Tell us some of their super strict rules in the comments!

Need More Advice On Dealing With A Pushy Parent?

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  • Maria

    My parents are so strict. And I can’t take it anymore. Every time I ask to go out its ALWAYS A NO!. I mean my mom is ok she says yes an understands me. But when it comes to my dad its always a no so I end up never going anywhere I feel like im isolated. And I feel like running away at times. I’m homeschooled this is why I cry so much and argue with them so much because I never get to go out! I don’t have a social life and I’m tired of it. My dad mostly doesn’t let me go out because he found out I have a boyfriend. So every time he says no to something I either do it behind his back. Or just go do something else and face the consequences later. Because if they ground me i really don’t care I don’t get to go out anywhere so….. -.-! HELP ME.