We all read the tabloids and pay attention to celebrity breakups, baby bumps, and fashion disasters. But, when the rumors and gossip hit a little closer to home—like when you hear gossip about you—it can feel pretty crappy. It’s a tough situation to tackle, especially if you want to avoid any more drama. Meg’s here to help though. So, tune in and check out her great advice for handling the rumor mill.

Have you ever had to deal with gossip about you? What did you do about it? Tell us in the comments!

Got The Body Image Blues? Here’s Help.

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  • ButterflyLove

    i actually hate my cousin she made so many horrible lies about me and i lost my friends cuz of it. now i know how to deal with her…simply everything she says i ignore.. it works! 🙂

  • BleedingSun

    Thanks for this, I’ll try to apply some of these a little more. Lately I’ve had a lot of drama with my ex boyfriend; he has descided that the best thing for him to do is spread rumors about me and my current boyfriend. First it was the one about my boyfriend cheating on me, then when that passed (because no one believed him), he descided to send out a mass text to all the people he knew at our school saying me and my boyfriend had had sex. Not only was this untrue, but its no ones damn business anyway! I’ve always been someone who’s taken a lot of value in my sexuality, and to have someone who I dated for a year and I thought knew me decide to go after me like that, it really stung. But I pretty much ignored itand set the rumor strait with my friends, and it went away. He even apologised.
    Until this week when he descided to tell people me and my boyfriend broke up because my boyfriend was cheating on me with his ex. It’s been very frusterating, but hopefully with these tips I can get over it and start to be able to trust my boyfriend.