Ever wish you were a Disney Princess? Yeah, us too. We think it would be pretty cool to be Mulan: strong, smart, and brave, all the while compassionate, graceful, and understanding. Each one of us can embody the traits of our favorite Princesses on the inside, but the outside gets a little tricky. Here are some of our favorite beauty vloggers showing us how to get lips like Pocahontas, hair like Cinderella, and blushing cheekbones like Snow White.

These girls are talented makeup artists so be sure to visit their pages and check out all their imaginative transformations. You won’t want to miss Kandee Johnson’s Malificent or Tamang Phan’s Barbie!

Snow White
















Which is your favorite Disney Princess transformation? Let us know in the comments!

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  • ravenamy

    princess tianna is so pretty and i love everything about her.

  • Missfiction

    OMG i <3 michelle phan.!

  • adiNa

    I love princess tiana! its about time they had a legit african-american princess