Welcome our brand new sextastic sexpert, Sara Hoots! We’re so pumped to have her and hope you love her Sexy Times with Gurl advice. Now, onto the show…Sara got a question from a girl who wants to know how she can talk to her dude about sex without seeming slutty. Sara’s got some awesome advice. First off, drop the word slutty, girl. We’re so over it! And there’s nothing slutty about having a responsible convo about sex. For more, watch!

Have you had to talk to your guy about sex? How did the conversation go? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Are You Worried About Masturbation?

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  • Matty

    I want to have sex with two Diffrent guys names are Connor, Michael

    • Anonymous


  • Crystal

    How do you tell your boyfriend about passed experiences with a guy, especially emotionally scaring ones? ( ex bf would force me to do stuff by making me feel guilty about not doing it, ignoring me, or acting mad when I didn’t do what he wanted. I don’t know how to explain that I didn’t want to do those things…)

  • SacMan76

    Sara is ATR, yo.

  • John Bishop

    Great Job!

  • Abby

    Sara is amazing. Love it!!

  • Derek Caliendo

    What about anal? Personally, I’m a big fan.

    • akeila smith

      wait your a fan of her vids of anal?????

      • akeila smith

        i mean or anal lol

  • Alison

    She’s OK, but I’ll miss Lena. 🙁 She was one of my favourites, here, at gUrl. :'(

    • Missy

      I miss Lena too! :c hopefully she shows up again somewhere else on gURL :I