Before we say anything else, we have to admit that we love One Direction, and we’re not afraid to admit it. Seriously, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ is impossible not to sing along to. So we had to check out this parody of the song and music video by The Key of Awesome… and while we think it’s funny, it’s also kind of a little mean. Seriously, enough with the gay jokes guys – not cool! Watch and let us know: is this all in good fun or just really nasty?

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  • Giiiirrlllygirl

    Could have left out the part about AIDS and cancer but other than that pretty funny

  • MozzaFazza

    Omd. this is soo funny. much better than the actual song 😛 <3 <3

  • TheSunInHerEyes

    I’m not gonna lie, I crack up whenever this comes on. I think One Direction is a so-so band, but come on! The Key of Awesome is just poking fun. They do it to everyone. They obviously don’t mean anything that they say.

  • Hannah

    Hhaha the legends!

  • Vicktorra

    I love this parody!!!!im subscribed to them and love
    Them so much!don’t get me wrong I also love one direction
    But this is not nasty this is soooooooo funny.
    HATERZ GONNA HATE this comment

  • gURL

    I absolutely love One Direction! I’m obsessed with them, but I still love this parody. Barelypolitical is amazing and hilarious.

  • MB

    Getting old. I mean, One Direction is just TOO awesome. Zayn is, like all I ever think of.

    • CutaayyLovableess :)

      To badd he’ll never think of youu. Like you fans need to get reall sometimess.

      • Monsterina

        I so agree!

  • emmadilemma98

    “i will be in musicals” is my favorite part 😉
    i LOVE key of awesome <33333

  • Missy

    i didn’t like it -__- though some things were funny, its jst ehh..

    • k


  • josie


  • Michelle

    I thought this was hilarious and I’m a fan of One Direction. They’re just cracking jokes, it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously or to sound mean.

  • olivia

    i like one direction better! only some of this was funny but most of it was STUPID!

  • Bea

    After seeing the original, my sister and I just about died laughing with this parody! I think we all need to learn how to laugh at ourselves.

  • ella

    I used to like the key of awesome but now that they are becoming more mean and insulting i unsubscribed them and never liked a video of theirs ever again …

  • Mizmimi

    I thinks its funny! I’m not a fan of One direction i watched to real one than this i was dying<33