This week, Lena tackles a tough question from a confused girl. She asks, “Last year I came out as a lesbian. But then I started seeing this guy. What do you think? Am I gay or straight?” Lena explains that sexuality is a really complicated thing that’s not always black or white. And labeling yourself as gay or straight should take a back seat to labeling yourself as happy.

Want To Come Out, But Not Sure How? Lena Can Help!

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  • Katherine

    i find it interesting that you and the writers chose to stray from the term “bisexual.” it’s not going to give girls the wrong message if you use that term. in fact, you should be encouraging the use of that word so that the meaning of bisexual changes from bi-curious to what it actually means: liking both genders. thanks.

  • owais

    i have small penis …am i gay