We’ve all had embarrassing encounters of the parental kind. But this week, Meg isn’t talking about your average embarrassing mom moment. She’s dealing with a much more serious issue—how to deal with a parent who drinks too much. And with one in four kids living with a person who has an alcohol problem, chances are that you or someone you care about is dealing with an alcoholic parent. Meg’s here to help you cope. Trust us, you are so not alone in this!

Having Other Issues With Mom? Here’s How To Deal!

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  • Finding_Me

    My mom drinks, and I get really upset. I’m not sure if this has been going on since I was little, but I can now tell when she’s drunk and I hate feeling like the parent.

  • Krazii

    WHen I was about 5 or 6, I went camping with my dad. My step family went as well. There was a giant barn where one night there was a party. There was a lot of dancing and music. I was 5, so of course I wanted to dance with my dad, right? So he got extremely drunk, as always, and then when my mom called, he wouldn’t let me talk to her, or her to me. Eventually the police had to come and take him to the station… that’s all I remember from that experience, but there are plenty of others… He still gets drunk all the time and I have begun to not speak to him. He also did not call me on my birthday this year. I have had enough and he tries to talk to me on facebook, but I just gave up. If anyone knows what I can do, then please help me.

  • Tori.gurl

    how do we deal if our parent is abusive? if we are scared? and if there are other smaller kids involved?