You like someone a ton. He’s smart and gorgeous. Or maybe she’s hilarious and down to earth. Basically, your crush is perfect…aside from one small issue—they’re already dating another girl. Should you still chase your crush? If something hot does wind up happening between you two, you’re not the one doing the cheating, right? It’s kind of a gray area. So, what do you do? Ask Lena, that’s what. Lena’s got an answer and some advice when it comes to stepping into a love triangle. And here’s a bit of a warning about being the other woman—it’s some tough love!

Have you ever been the other woman? What do you think about girls who date guys who are already in relationships? Tell us everything in the comments!

Is It Okay To Masturbate? Ask Lena!

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  • Tirana

    Strong topic cause am the other woman NOW!!!! And am really feeling this guy, but i like it just like this cause in reality if he cheat on her he would do it to me so its a lil crazy he is a great friend n i know its not go stop with me i love the friendship n honesty we have with eachother ..

  • Alyssa

    I’ve been “the other woman” before. I still miss the guy I don’t know why because I mean if you’re willing to cheat on someone it’s pretty douchey, but I guess there is just something about him. I ended up telling his gf because I found out that she wasn’t this horrible person he told me she was.

  • Lindsey

    ALWAYS REMEMBER: If I will do it for you, I will do it to you.

    If I will cheat for you, I will cheat on you.
    If I will flirt while I’m with her, I will flirt while I’m with you.
    If I will break up with her for you, I will break up with you for another girl.

    • Cassie

      so true! i believe in karma; what goes around will come back around to BITE YOU IN THE BUTT!

  • ebony Griffin

    I’v been the other woman many times, it was such a thrill having that dirty little secret. It made me feel special that I could distract him and get him to focus on me instead of her…Im scared of monogamous relationships myself and when I get the attention I crave with no strings I give him back