Do you have a friend who’s got it all and you’re feeling, well, down in the dumps about what you have going on? You want to be happy for her, but it’s tough when jealousy rears its ugly little head. It can feel pretty icky to want what your BFF has, and even worse when you feel like a bad friend about it. Well, don’t sweat it. Meg is here to tell you that everyone goes through this and you’re not a bad friend. Best of all, she tells you how to deal. Using the example of college acceptance letters, Meg outlines 5 easy ways to be a good friend and make yourself feel better.

Have you ever been a little jealous of a friend or wished you were in her shoes? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Is Your Mom Driving You Crazy? Here’s How To Deal

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  • Missfiction

    i dont have a friend who has it all but i have an older sister who does…