Coming out is a serious issue and one that gets a lot of coverage. And yes, coming out can be an important part of your sexual identity and journey. But, what if you think you’re gay and aren’t quite ready to tell the world yet…or even your loved ones? Do you have to come out? Well, Lena is here to walk you through this tricky decision process and figure out what’s the right choice for you and when’s the right time to make it.

Have you thought about coming out? Or had a friend who came out to you? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  • SecretLesbian

    I have never really been attracted to guys and I labeled myself as bisexual at 10 but I never told anyone. When I was in grade 6 all my friends are like “he is sooo hot” “omg my boyfriend is sooo sweet” etc etc and I kind tried to force myself into liking guys wich I think made me even more queer! Anyways I’m 13 now and I came out to my mom about a month ago it was really hard but I knew these feeling wouldn’t go away considering I liked girls from the begging when I told her she was sooo supportive and made me feel so much better but the easiest part was that she had already known!!!! She told me it wasn’t the way that I acted or anything but she had a feeling and I’m her daughter…she knows me better than I do because she knew I was gay when I was 6 wtf!?!?! I haven’t come out to my friends yet because they are really homophobic I will probably only keep 1 friend but distant my self from 2 friends and completely lose everyone else. I had actually came out to my cousin 2 days ago she is on,y 11 but she supports me and she tells all our friends I’m lez but they don’t believe her….THANK GOD anyways I wish u luck on coming out and this might be really stupid and cheesy but take the kinsey scale test …98/100 times it’s 100% right but u don’t need a test for u to know u just…you know and u might even be lesbiflexible