Who doesn’t have a pile of old t-shirts lying around their room? If you’re looking for something cooler to do with those ratty soccer jerseys and boy band t’s (I mean, you’re not really going to wear that 98 Degrees shirt, are you? ARE YOU?) than collect lint in your closet, here’s the perfect project for you. Turn your old cotton t-shirts into an awesome scarf. This look is easy, casual, and best of all, free! All you need is a pair of scissors, your old t-shirts, and about an hour of time and you’ve got yourself a unique and super snuggly scarf.

Have you ever made a scarf? Would you try Brit’s easy scarf project? Tell us everything in the comments!

Want To DIY A Perfect Prom Or Date Night Outfit? Brit Can Help!

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  • stepie

    the most creative thing that brit has done is this T-shirt scarf the other were junk!

  • Ada

    brit is emotionless compared with jamie.she is prety too but jamie is more funny:)thats y i like her:x