What should you do when your partner doesn’t want to use a condom, but you do? Lena guides you through this touchy situation with reminders on why condoms are non-negotiable and how to keep safety your number one priority. Safe sex is the sexiest kind of sex. Take Lena’s tips on how to have safe sex, and you’ll both be happy you did!

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  • Marina

    My partner and I gust had sex and my period hasn’t started in 3 months!!,should I tell him or not

  • Ayoub

    Your chances of getintg aids having unprotected sex once with a women are slim to none how ever drug stores sell these test if you need too take one to ease your mindAids is still a homosexual problem I don’t care what they try and tell you

  • Tolga

    Most def you could have it without him ejtnaluaicg. Even though the actual ejaculate doesn’t come out his bodily fluids are still exchanging with yours is just as easy. But if he has never had sex before I would say there is not a good chance that you have it. Unless he swapped something through a cut on himself with someone who has HIV. Bottom line use a condom or get tested previous to having sex. Its not worth having HIV.

  • Heather

    Ii really like this guy.and he likes me back,but my momdoesnt like the fact that I like him because he used to watch porn.Nomatter how many times I explain to her hat he doesn’t anymore and that he’s changed the answers still no, what should I do?

  • Jbol

    Can you still get pregnant being on the pill and using a condum ?
    My mom told me when she was 16 she was on the pill & a condum was being used . . but i came into the world still . lol

    • hollow

      She most liekly made a mistake with both forms. Like she missed the pill (or depending on the pill had it at the wrong time) and the condom slipped but she didn’t fuss about it because she was on the pill. Unless the condom broke was tampered/damaged with or slipped (all pretty obvious with the exception of some tampering with and damage) the condom will work as it physically blocks sperm. the chances of both failing is possible (I hesitate saying that) but really really improbable. Like how its possible for me to get hit by a car in my house while being burgled

    • Jenn

      The pill is not 100% effective and neither is a condom. So if the pill isn’t working and the condom brakes you could still get pregnant.

    • Marcel

      It is very very very rare to become prgenant while already prgenant. It is also less likely now that you are 5 months along. It usually only happens if you ovulated two eggs and got prgenant twice. Obviously this would be toward the very beginning of your pregnancy. You shouldn’t be ovulating at all right now. You really have nothing to worry about.

  • jds

    what if YOUR the guy and the chick doesnt want the guy to wear one?

    • Megan

      Then it’s no glove, no love. 😉

  • singhsunita1311

    maje lo aur goli khao