Got about 10 minutes and some glue laying around? Wanna “turn on” Ryan Gosling? Thought so! Check out this quick video on how to make the boring white light switch in your room a lot more interesting–by putting flowers or maybe even a pic of Mr. Gosling himself on it!

Our new “Do It, Gurl!” host, Brit Morin, is going to be showing you how to DIY some sweet stuff in upcoming videos. Give her a shout in the comments!

Feeling a little awkward at school? Here’s help!

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  1. avatar Shimo M. says:

    Wow!!!! Thts really amazing am really a big fan of yours <3

  2. avatar Paola says:

    Hey! this is soooo cool! you can also use paint and layer it so when you scratch it, you can create any pattern you want!

  3. avatar star girl says:

    i think that was awsome nw its easier to say goodnight to jacob ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. avatar CupcakeMonster says:

    So cool! I need some Zebra Print Paper!

  5. avatar Cora says:

    Super smart! I’m going to try it!

  6. avatar Sarahlamppost says:

    Yeah, that’s awesome! Thanks!

  7. avatar anto says:

    I love that!I am going to try it.Thanks for the idea<3

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