Am I ugly? Am I pretty?

"Am I pretty?" Yes! "Am I ugly?" No! See how easy that was? | Source:

There’s a new trend on YouTube: Videos asking, “Am I ugly?” To which we say: NO! But are you nuts?

The danger of posting YouTube videos asking “Am I pretty?” or “Am I ugly?” in an open forum is just that: it’s an open forum. You’re exposing yourself to anonymous criticism from strangers who are shielded by computers and keyboards. They face no repercussions for cruel comments against girls they’ve never met. They know nothing about you other than the fact that you’re clearly insecure, and therefore an easy target for flaming, hurtful commentary and flat out bullying.

It’s normal to want validation. You’re human! But these girls and guys are looking for it in all the wrong places. Think of it this way: Don’t you value what your family, friends, and people who love you think? Because they think you’re rad. Strangers who don’t know you may not agree, but who cares? They don’t know you. So how can they make an accurate judgment? Do you really want to determine your self worth based on what people who sit home and comment on “Am I ugly?” videos think?


This girl’s YouTube username is “BeautifulAndProud.” We think she’s beautiful (we dig her eyeliner skills too!), but we don’t think she’s proud, because the entire subject of her video is “Am I ugly?” Ladies, we can do better than this!


This gal showed a bunch of pictures, then asked, “Am I ugly?” Is she blind? She’s gorgeous (we actually think she looks a bit like Dakota Fanning)!

Even guys are getting in on it. This dude cut his own hair, then asked the Internet community, “Am I ugly?” He also invited strangers to call him a “fag.” C’mon, man. That’s not only insecure, it’s insensitive.

Listen: If you’re reading this, you’re beautiful. Yes, you. We all have our moments of insecurity, some longer than others, but everyone has something beautiful about them. Whether it’s your glowing skin, your shiny hair, your sparkling eyes, your dimples… Find what that is, know it, own it, and embrace it.

More importantly, know that your worth extends beyond the exterior. You have a heart and you have a mind. Are you awesome at math? Are you the best server on your volleyball team? A good painter? An awesome listener? Do you sound like Demi Lovato when you sing in the shower? Those are more attractive than any photo you post to Facebook or any video you post on YouTube. So if you’re ever tempted to post a video online asking, “Am I pretty?” know that the answer is yes. Now we can all go back to watching pandas sneeze.

How do you feel about “Am I ugly?” videos on YouTube? Would you ever post a video asking “Am I pretty?” Have you ever commented on a similar video? Let us know in the comments!

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  • skigirl573

    This is ridiculous! If you really want to know how people see you, you ask a trusted family member or friend, not THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! They are all pretty and shouldn’t be asking total strangers what they think. Some haters have no limits to the incredebly rude and hurtful things they say.

  • dkhenry

    this is just pathetic…honestly, how much lower can you go in terms of getting attention? not that much lower.

  • michael

    seeking attention by posting video’s can get you negative responses and some crazy out there will seek you out maybe even hurt you , so be smart don’t post video’s seeking attention

  • Epic Hailee

    this really makes me sad because i have insecuritie issues…. people think its so easy but its not. i hate waking up in the morning and looking in the mirrior people say i am model material but i dont see it):

  • Mark

    God doesn’t make ugly. Quit worrying about your appearance and have faith that everything our father has created is beautiful in one way or another.

  • Jelly

    They should have confidence because only confidence can make them beautiful…

  • Amy

    The girls were beautiful and the guy was handsome. They were all gorgeous. I always hat these videos because usually the prettiest girls will make them and I’m like GAH! Why would you ask that you are the prettiest thing in the world!
    I’ve never made one of those videos because I KNOW I’m beautiful. Inside and out but mainly inside. Some people look at me and then they don’t want to get to know me, but once they hear my laugh, or hear my stories, or anything else they always are like, “Wow Why did I ignore her the first time I saw her?” Then the next minute I am talking to them and they are laughing.

  • Allison

    I haven’t heard of this, but it seems like a stupid idea. Why would anyone want to post a video/picture asking if he/she looks good? You only look pretty/ugly if you think of it that way, I name myself the prettiest girl in town without make-up but there are others that look better than me; I seriously don’t care if they would call me ugly, because I tell myself I am beautiful. (This trick boosts self-esteem greatly! I don’t mean to sound selfish, if I do then I’m sorry!)

  • LP

    I don’t think all of these people actually think they’re ugly. I think some just do it for attention. It’s like how on Facebook, girls will post pictures of themselves and make the caption “I hate this picture” or “Ewww, I look so fat/ugly/ect.”

    • Mcky:)

      I know right and on facebook like if they actually thought that about the pic why would they post it on facebook? lol

  • maggie

    that grl w/ all the pix obvi just wanted attention

  • Missfiction

    they are all pretty and they are crazy not to think so