Here at Gurl, we think Demi Lovato is a pretty awesome celeb – and definitely an inspiration for girls everywhere who are suffering with depression/cutting/eating disorders. So we were pretty excited to hear that she’s coming out with an MTV Special called Stay Strong. Check out the trailer – are you going to watch? Does Demi inspire you?

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  • Amanda

    love you demi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alex

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  • Missfiction


  • HappyCamper

    I never really liked Demi. Then i found out that she was going to get help for ED and self harm and she really inspired me. I have a battle with anorexia and she is just inspiring. I love her

    • Missfiction

      Good for you you need inspiration. just remember no matter what the media thinks know ur beautiful the way u r. dont fall under the pressure