Dancing Animals

Is this real life?!

What better way is there to pass some time online than watching funny videos? And what cuter way is there to pass the time then watching animal videos? Okay, we might have already done a round-up of the funniest animal videos ever, but somehow we forgot to include dancing animals – which are obviously hilarious and totally worth watching.

Watch the videos below and prepare to be amazed in between your giggling… seriously, some of these little guys might have better moves than we do.



Combining one of our favorite YouTube sensations with a dancing panda. Result: amazing.

This sea lion’s dance might be the best Michael Jackson impression we’ve ever seen.

It is actually a little scary how good this dog is… and a little creepy to see him stand on two legs for so long.

This bird brings us back a few years as he gets down to the Backstreet Boys.

Maybe this bear is actually scratching his back, but we’re prefer to believe he’s really just getting down with his bad self.

After we saw this clip from DisneyNature’s Earth documentary, all we could think was how much cooler life would be if we had to dance to attract our mates.

Moonwalking puppy! If only we could be so talented.

You can’t not laugh at this salsa dancing doggie.

This kitten is so cute there was no way we could leave him out.

You can’t say this doesn’t look like Riverdance!

Which one is your favorite? Did we leave any out? Let us know in the comments.

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