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  • Jordyn Jank

    Ok so I like this guy in my gym class and we have been friends and talking for a month and we just recently started communicating on Facebook yesterday, he’s been asking how I’m feeling since I did a really intense workout yesterday and my legs are really sore. I think he likes me 2 but I have no idea if he does. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • love me

    Hi i am 26 and virgin….i am in a relationship from past 3 and half years …but long distance relationship…whenever we meet we try to make out,,…i get into mood and within 5min i loose my mood and get normal n dont feel like having sex…like when i get into mood i try to rub by pussy really hard and dats it…i dont feel lik having…i want my mood to stay long and have a great time within him …please help me how can i keep myself fully into mood…

  • Charmaine Ndlovu

    I am 16 and recently(as in 2days ago)I got my self my 1st boyfriend. I freak out every time I see him, and given the fact that i have never dated anyone before him, I haven’t had my 1st kiss yet and I’m scared it will come soon and i can’t help but think that I’ll embarrass myself and I’m now doubting whether i have any romantic feelings for him….I don’t know maybe its just nerves……plz help

  • Jake

    I was wondering for advice because in school lately.. has been going downhill. I was recieving bad behaviour records and many teachers might not like me as much as they did last term.
    What would you do if you were in this situation? I’m really worried and don’t want no teachers to hate me in any sort of way nor giving me bad grades.

    • Charmaine Ndlovu

      I’m not an expert but I think u should look into the root of the problem to help you get to a solution

  • Shreksbabe

    hi i wanted to ask if it makes me bi that sometimes i want girls to think im good looking and i kinda want them to be jelaous of me? and one day my friend said me and my bff look like lesbians and i felt embarressed lol PLEASE ANSWER

    • Natalie

      Hey. So let me begin with saying that it’s normal to want others to think of you as attractive and it has nothing to do with your sexuality. I’m not you so I can’t tell you whether or not you’re bi, if you like the idea of having a relationship with a fellow female as well as a male then maybe you are. If you’d like to explore this a bit more here’s a link, Also what your friend said was probably meant as a joke since I’m guessing you and your bff are always together 😛

    • Charmaine Ndlovu

      Believe u me …..sometimes I get confused too …but I guess its not a big deal

  • Jada B.

    At my school (i’m in 6th grade) and most of my glass is all about who u like and dating and i always play the victim and be like i’m only 11 and all that. i am totally confused and also scared. should i even consider dating at this age?? please help someone

    • Rebbecca

      One of the things I wish I would have done when I was younger is to listen to myself. There is a lot of pressure trying to be cool around your peers. My best advice is to be yourself and not worry about what other people think. Let your friends know the truth that you’re just not into boys right now, and you’d rather focus on your hobbies and school. No shame in that! You’re young, and that certainly doesn’t last forever. Enjoy it while you can! Don’t worry about romantic relationships right now. Trust me, when you’re ready to start dating a person you’ll know. It’s actually a natural process that starts with one of you telling the other you’re into them. Know that dating is different for everyone, and you might have your first boyfriend at 13 or 20. Just know there is no need to rush it and the only person that matters is yourself 🙂 Stay true to yourself!

  • Hannah Ainsworth

    Hey.. I need help??? I am 11 years old and I got carried away with the wrong attitude I was cussing in my texts and talking to my BFF a 16 year old she is a girl (Duh) I am very mature for my age but, I was caught doing that stuff and also lying to my parents I lost their trust. I also got my phone SMASHED by a hammer. I need help. How do I gain their trust back?

    • Jada B.

      You should do lots of chores and act like u don’t need your phone and you should focus on your grades and your life goals and try to obey their rules, i’m 11 and it works sometimes. also have a happy smile and fake it to u make it.

  • Frank McLaury

    a couple of comments from ” a guy.” Then, I’ll go away. I’m fairly older, married happily and settled down and have discovered disturbing thihgs about current cultural shifts. I understand in the dating world NOW, lots of young guys do not like to date virgins. True this. In Europe and Russia I have noted there are older more experienced men that specialize in lifting that burden off legal agreeable young ladies so they are acceptable in their dating circles. I find that astonishing as of today. Next, any young lady who decides to surrender her virginity understandably is a basket of nerves aforehand. So is the young boy she choses, no matter what he says, does. If she choses a MAN, to help her, I hope she sees a more steady, kind, compassionate person to help her through such a transition from child to womanhood. Taking such a dramatic step has to be done with kindness, care, compassion and gentleness.

  • Evi b

    My name is evi and I watch do it gurl I have made a duct tape bow. I am 5 and a half years old.

    • The Inky Crayon