16 Harry Potter Snapchats You Need To See

If you are a millennial, you are also (probably) a Harry Potter fan. Even if you didn’t read the books, I’m sure you watched the movies (since they are on Freeform basically every other weekend) and have some sort of emotional attachment to the series. And, since you are also a millennial, I’m sure you … Read More

15 Hilarious Examples Of The Snapchat Hot Dog Meme

Confession: I don’t eat hot dogs, since my sister told me that they were made out of actual dogs, and I cried for days (I was six). After learning that this WASN’T true, I tried one for real and still wasn’t a fan. That said, I can still respect the fact that hot dogs are … Read More

This Snapchat Feature Is Going To Make It Easier For People To Stalk You

Social media can seem like the antithesis of privacy most of the time, but the latest Snapchat update emphasizes just how important it is to keep some things to yourself. Snapchat’s newest feature, Snap Map, goes beyond its typical geotagging by letting you share your location on a map. You can also see whereabouts your … Read More

How To Take Screenshots Of Snapchats Without The Person Knowing

We’ve all been there: you’re creeping on someone’s Snapchat story when you see something super ~interesting~ that you really want to share with your BFF… except sharing it would require you to screenshot it, therefore letting this person know that you are creeping on their life hard. If you haven’t been there, you are LYING. Just … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About The New Snapchat Update

Right on the heels of a pretty big Instagram update, Snapcat has an exciting new update of it’s own, and it’s definitely worth hearing about. Don’t sleep on the app just yet – this new feature proves that Snapchat might have enough to offer that it won’t lose completely to Instagram stories. I have to … Read More

18 Perfect DIY Snapchat Filter Makeup And Costume Tutorials For Halloween

One of the most popular costume choices for Halloween 2016 is definitely a Snapchat filter. It’s not hard to see why. Filters – with their power of giving us poreless skin and pretty makeup without us having to do anything – are the best thing about Snapchat. Using the dog filter for the 1000th time … Read More

7 Snapchats You Should Never Send To Your Crush

Recently I realized that, unfortunately, the social media platform on which I tend to excel most consistently is…Snapchat. Do you know how hard this is? Knowing that the channel that people most prefer to consume the content you provide on is not the platform for jokes or celebrity come-ons that happen to be under 140 characters, like … Read More

The 20 Best Responses To Kim Kardashian Exposing Taylor Swift On Snapchat

In case you missed it, celebrity history was made tonight (okay, maybe that’s slightly dramatic, but it’s fine) when Kim Kardashian West exposed Taylor Swift on Snapchat. Let’s go over the basics, in case you’re not interested in watching the video (although, really, you should, because it’s honestly priceless). Remember when Taylor Swift and Kanye … Read More

7 Easy Ways To Be Better At Snapchat

For a while, Snapchat–the self-destructing image-based instant messaging platform, if you have been on a technology cleanse over the past four years and haven’t yet heard–served as the designated no-man’s-land in the social media realm. While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all held a set of unwritten, but clearly prescribed rules (Facebook is for parents, Twitter … Read More

8 Guys Tell Us What Kind Of Snapchats They Like To Get From Girls

We’re all guilty of doing #basic things on Snapchat, but if you’re using Snapchat to flirt with your crushes, you may want to try some different tactics. Making weird faces or using a filter probably isn’t going to cut it, unless you’re already super close with that person (And you never, never want to send nude … Read More

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