How Long Should You Wait To Ask Someone Out After They’ve Been Dumped?

Hi Heather, How long should you wait before asking someone out after they’ve been broken up with? My guy friend recently got dumped and I’ve had a crush on him forever. I want to ask him out but I don’t want to be a rebound. But I also don’t want to miss my chance! What … Read More

8 Little Signs You’re Definitely About To Get Dumped

I’ll never forget the feeling of realizing an ex-boyfriend was about to dump me. Things had been great… until they weren’t. One day, he started to seem constantly annoyed with me. The texts and phone calls didn’t stop, and we still hung out a lot, but now it was usually with his friends. He would … Read More

8 Little Signs You’re About To Get Dumped

We’ve all been there: one day you and bae are picture-perfect #RelationshipGoals, and the next you realize something is totally off. They’re still technically the same person, but something just… doesn’t feel right. Are you about to get dumped? To be honest, probably. There are little signs that you’re about to get dumped that we … Read More

7 Ways To Handle Getting Dumped For Being A Virgin

As much as we talk about losing your virginity, it’s important to also talk about how you don’t have to lose it any time soon. I know there is a lot of pressure to do it, especially if everyone else is doing it and you don’t want to be left out. The topic is a … Read More

Would You Rather: Pick Between The Worst Ways To Get Dumped

Getting dumped by someone is not fun. You basically have to deal with the fact that the person you love no longer feels the same way or just believes that things will never work out in the long run. And how do you cope? Well, with Adele songs and several tubs of ice cream, of course. … Read More

11 Things No One Ever Tells You About Being Dumped

Not to be “that person,” but, if you think about it, the whole concept of dating as a whole is kind of rigged against everyone. You see, the thing about being in a relationship is that, statistically, it’s not going to end very well. It’s like that bit from Louie in which he points out that, … Read More

14 Disney Faces Everyone Who’s Been Dumped Will Recognize

Breakups always suck, but they definitely suck more for the person who gets dumped. Sure, breaking up with someone is difficult and makes you feel badly, but getting dumped is utterly devastating. It makes you question everything about yourself and can throw you into a really bad pit of despair. It’s terrible. If you’ve ever … Read More

7 Of the Best Movies To Watch After You’ve Been Dumped

So, you got dumped. Well, you don’t need me to remind you that breakups are tough, especially when you’re the one who was broken up with. You might be drowning your sorrows in junk food or writing really emo, cryptic tweets or Tumblr posts, but one thing is certain: You’re a mess.  It’s normal to … Read More

12 Mistakes You’ll Make During A Breakup – The First Time You Get Dumped

One of the worst feelings ever is getting dumped, especially when it’s happening for the first time ever. Going through a breakup is bad enough as it is, but it gets even worse when you’re the one being rejected and turned down. Since there are so many complicated emotions happening at this time, you’re bound … Read More

9 Celebrities Who Have Been Dumped By Text Message

One of the worst ways to get dumped has to be by text message. It’s a pretty sucky feeling when your significant other doesn’t even have the decency to treat you with respect and approach you face-to-face to tell you things aren’t working out. It makes you feel like that person never really cared at … Read More

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