8 Things You Didn’t Know Were Considered Eating Disorders

When it comes to eating disorders, there are probably two that immediately come to mind: Anorexia and bulimia. They’re the ones we see most on Very Special Episodes of our favorite TV shows, they’re the ones that experience the biggest crack downs when social media apps/sites censor their pro-ED communities, and they’re often thought of … Read More

16 Basic Things That Should Happen In Every Good Relationship

At some point within the last decade or so (or maybe forever, I’m not really sure since I’m not immortal) women collectively decided to lower their standards. At some point, we all decided that a three AM “wyd” text was better than nothing, so we settled. I don’t want to say that girls need to … Read More

15 Romantic Things That Don’t Actually Make Sense

Today is February 14th. This, depending on what kind of person you are, could mean a great number of things. Perhaps, to you, this day is nothing more than a day in which Snapchat chooses to terrorize you, once again, with an animation of their anthropomorphized, hollow-eyed ghosts, dancing amongst exploding hearts to remind you that … Read More

30 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Being Savage AF

Being savage AF is a way of life. According to Dictionary.com, the word “savage” actually means, “fierce, ferocious, or cruel; untamed.” It hasn’t always been, uh, a great term. But today, in 2017, as we have done with so many other words, savage has a slightly newer meaning. When we say someone is savage, what … Read More

15 Weird Things You Had No Idea Are Making Your Lips Chapped

Like many people who exist on this cold, cruel planet, I suffer from a devastating winter face affliction that starts with a general flaky, unattractive dryness on and around the lips, and culminates in cracking and, on occasion, bleeding if the air is particularly dry or I smile too wide. Or, as most people like to refer … Read More

Ask A Guy: What To Do If You HATE Your Crush’s Girlfriend

Hey Joel, I am in love with this guy but I’m not allowed to date. He also has a girlfriend. I really like him, though, and I feel like he flirts with me. But it’s confusing because on he sends me a lot of messags on Snapchat, but at the same time he posts about … Read More

16 Memes That Perfectly Explain How Hard It Is To Be A Girl

Being a girl–whether you were born that way or not–is pretty cool, generally. It’s cool taking on certain aspects of femininity–you know, clothes, jewelry, hair, makeup–should you choose to do so, and it’s also cool to break the rules of what people tend to expect from people who happen to be girls. Basically, there’s no right … Read More

28 Mind Blowing Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Think

Tumblr is a magical website. For every weird post that doesn’t make any sense but is it still hilarious, there’s a post that’s making you gasp audibly while rethinking everything you’ve ever known. That’s the beauty of Tumblr, I guess! I personally have gone on their many times and stumbled upon a post that has … Read More

12 Of The Weirdest Things That Are Supposed To Make Acne Disappear

If you are one of the people on this earth who suffers from acne–which, considering that acne affects about 80 percent of people between the ages of eleven and thirty, is pretty likely–chances are good that you would do anything to get rid of it. You’ve tried the creams. You’ve tried the washes. You might … Read More

13 Controversial Pop Culture Moments From The 2000s That Seem Tame Today

Isn’t it amazing, the extent to which our values and beliefs can morph in such a short amount of time? Following certain people on social media alone can upend our entire way of looking at the world on a personal level, but even as a collective culture, the way we look at certain issues–gay marriage, … Read More

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