10 Reasons You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend Before You Go Away To College

I know what I’m about to write is going to make a lot of girls angry, but guys… I have to say this. I have to! Here goes: you should break up with your high school boyfriend before you go away to college. Seriously. Like I said, I realize that a lot of you will … Read More

From The Message Boards: My Family Is Racist Against My Boyfriend

Racism is a big deal. We don’t like it, and it’s really upsetting that in 2013 we’re still dealing with racism, even in our relationships. I can’t imagine my family or friends not liking a person I was dating because of the color of their skin, but that’s something one of our girls is dealing … Read More

10-Year-Old Tells Guys To Go The Extra Mile

No one really knows what they’re doing when it comes to love. It’s a complicated emotion! But this 10-year-old boy knows a lot about love and how to treat the ladies. He knows so much, in fact, that he decided to make an advice video for college guys on how to treat women in a … Read More

Would You Set A Date With Your Partner About When To Break Up?

Most days, I don’t like thinking about breaking up because it’s kind of a downer, but that’s exactly what a recent article in Glamour got me thinking about. The piece that struck my interest was about couples who set a breakup date in the future to officially be over. The interviewed couples had mixed results – … Read More

How To Celebrate A Friend Anniversary – With Some Help From “New Girl”

On New Girl last night, longtime roommates Nick and Schmidt celebrated ten years of living together – basically ten years since they first became friends. At first that felt like a long time to me, until I realized that my best friend and I will have been friends for ten years once September rolls around. … Read More

Songs Taylor Swift’s Exes Would Write About Her

So in an interview with InStyle, Taylor Swift opened up about her relationships and stuff because of course she did. She said, “If I’m gonna write songs about my exes they can write songs about me. That’s how it works. I’m not gonna complain about it. I’m not gonna sit there and say, ‘I’m the … Read More

Fighting With Your Siblings Could Affect You Even Months Later

I remember getting in a big fight with my brother once where I actually un-friended him on Facebook (yeah, I was pretty mad) and that argument lasted for quite awhile. Any time I thought about it, I’d get upset. I remember thinking that as time went by, maybe my still feeling crummy was just me … Read More

A Bad Lip Reading Of The Best Moments Of The Debates

I don’t think I need to remind you guys that today is Election Day. Unless you’ve been living in a hole for the past few months (or years), you should know that! Anyway, that being said, today is all about politics. So why not watch a funny political video? Okay, this isn’t really political, but … Read More

How Do You Deal With A Significant Other Who’s In The Military?

Check out what’s new on our boards! Right now, girls are talking about their boyfriends joining the military: Babygrlk100 said: My boyfriend just told me that he’s thinking about joining the Air Force Active Duty. At first, the plan was for him to do the reserves so that he wouldn’t be gone a lot. But … Read More

My BF And I Are Going To Different Colleges. Should I End Things?

How do you break up with someone nicely? Read More

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