14 Of Our Favorite Girl YouTubers Of 2014

This year was one of the biggest years ever for YouTube, but it was especially big for women. There are tons of people on YouTube who make all kinds of videos from makeup tutorials to advice videos to funny parodies. There is a YouTube channel for everyone! I’m on YouTube every day, making sure to … Read More

The 22 Best Memes Of 2014

Memes are probably my favorite thing about the Internet. I love seeing Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit users turn a funny image into something even more amusing – and making it into something we can use to describe our reactions to basically everything. There are tons of memes to be found online, but only a select … Read More

This Gamergate Makeup Tutorial Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Taylor Smith, commonly known by her YouTube name tadelesmith, is one of our favorite gals online because she’s so funny. You might remember her feminist makeup tutorial, which had me nearly in tears. Well, this time Taylor is tackling the Gamergate scandal, which is “actually about ethics in gaming journalism.” Except that it’s really turned … Read More

10 Things You Lie To Your Parents About When You Have A Boyfriend

I don’t condone lying, but we all do it. I would never lie to my mom now because I tell her everything. In high school though, I definitely told some lies to my parents. (Parents lie to us too, by the way.) I especially lied when it came to my boyfriend. I was always “staying … Read More

15 Of The Most Ridiculous #LiesToldByFemales According To Twitter (And 10 True Ones)

Twitter hasn’t had a trending topic that has caught my attention in a while (except for Adele Dazim, which I’m literally still laughing about), but today, I couldn’t help but notice #LiesToldByFemales. It’s… interesting. And, as I expected, most of the responses are kind of gross and totally ridiculous. To be fair, some of them … Read More

5 Easy Ways To Fake Having Huge Boobs

YouTuber tadelesmith (one of my faves!) is known for her quirky videos that poke fun at feminist stereotypes. She’s hilarious. In her latest video, she presents 5 easy ways to fake having big boobs. It’s great because I mean, all women want massive boobs right? And now you can have them! Watch and see if … Read More

You Oughta Know: 7 Funny Youtube Gals That We’re Loving Right Now

YouTube is full of people who think they’re funny and aren’t and people who aren’t trying to be funny at all and do something amazing like burn their hair off with a curling iron and skyrocket into internet notoriety forever. But there are plenty of people, women in particular, who are actually hilarious and make … Read More

You Oughta Know: 10 Youtube Makeup Gurus With Awesome Celebrity Makeup Tutorials

You know when you watch a music video from one of your favorite musicians and you almost pay more attention to the flawlessness of their makeup than the actual song? Uh, guilty! I’m inspired by so many different artists, actresses and musicians all the time and that doesn’t just include their body of work but … Read More

Watch This Awesome Feminist Makeup Tutorial Right Now

We’re all proud feminists here at Gurl, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make fun of feminist stereotypes. I think poking fun at those stereotypes is a good way to break down feminism and make it more accessible. Well YouTuber tadelesmith did this amazing makeup tutorial with a little twist: it’s a feminist makeup tutorial. … Read More

GIF My Life: Dealing With Painful Period Cramps

Quick poll: who thinks painful period cramps are the worst? Seriously, there’s nothing like starting out your day all find and dandy, and then BAM you feel that bad cramp come on and you just know it’s going to be a long day. Maybe even a long few days. Luckily, we have a handy guide … Read More

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