Ask A Guy: Why Do Guys Text Other Girls When They Have A Girlfriend?

Hey Joel, I used to hook up with this guy who went to my school. I really liked him, but he made it clear that he didn’t want anything serious, and then he switched to a different school for a magnet program. We stopped talking and I noticed that he started dating someone else a … Read More

14 Relationship Goals You Need To Let Go Of Already

At this point, we have all more or less acknowledged that #RelationshipGoals is a concept that’s wildly unrealistic. It exists solely on the internet and its only purpose, it seems, is to cause us all to suffer unrealistic expectations of love. We’ve all got that. Still, I have to say a lot of people have … Read More

13 Weird AF Things You Can Use To Replace Your Beauty Blender

I don’t want to put words in your mouth, or project my own fears onto you, but something tells me that, at this point in time, you are suffering from makeup sponge overload. Specifically, BeautyBlender overload. Hardly anyone could blame you for this! Between the wildly successful BeautyBlender Challenge meme, the other, less successful BeautyBlender Challenge meme, the … Read More

15 Easy Ways To Make Your Lips Softer

You can tell a lot about a person by what they consider to be important to them. Some people like fly-fishing, I guess, and other people like reading. Or movies. Or something. I don’t know. Me? I like soft things. Hair. Skin. Blankets, I guess. If it’s soft, I’m into it. And this, of course, … Read More

15 Easy Upgrades To Make Your Bedroom Look More Mature

If you’ve lived in your house for longer than ten years, you probably feel like your bedroom is a little bit childish. Honestly, no one blames you. You’ve been living in there since you were a child and your bedroom probably doesn’t feel quite as grown up as you do on the inside. Even if you … Read More

28 Funny Tumblr Posts About Beauty Struggles Only Girls Can Relate To

I don’t think I need to remind you that being a girl can be really difficult. We have to deal with things like the struggle for equality, the fight to have affordable birth control and female healthcare, the fact that slut-shaming and victim-blaming are still so prevalent, and the constant reminder that looks are still … Read More

17 Unspoken Rules Of Breaking Up Everyone Follows

Breakups suck no matter what. Objectively, it sucks to get your heart broken and it sucks to break someone’s heart. And a lot of the suckiness comes from these weird, unspoken rules of breaking up that we all have to follow even if they kind of make it worse in some cases. Certain behaviors are … Read More

15 Mistakes You’re Making If You Have Chapped Lips

Having chapped lips is something that, for lack of a better term, straight-up sucks. It sucks when your lips feel dry. It sucks when the stuff you’re using to make your lips less chapped actually turns out to make them significantly more chapped. It especially sucks when your lips flake and crack to the point … Read More

Ask A Guy: How To Tell If Someone Is Actually Interested In You As More Than A Friend

Hey Joel, So I’ve known this guy on my swim team for all of high school and now we’re both seniors. We didn’t start becoming friends until States when we made an inside joke and this joke kept going on for a month, almost a text a day about the joke. We’ve started texting and … Read More

18 Weird AF Trends That Will Be Huge In 2017

Just like every other year, 2017 will be focusing on some serious throwback trends when it comes to both fashion and beauty. 2016 was all about the ’90s, 2015 was obsessed with the ’70s – this time, things are getting a little bit more out there. 2017 is a mix of trends from the ’80s, … Read More

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