10 Out Of This World Dating Tips From Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century

Do you remember Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century? Of course you do. It’s a quintessential Disney Channel Original Movie! You can’t be a fan of DCOMs without loving the heck out of this film. It starred Kirsten Storms as Zenon Kar, Raven-Symoné as Nebula Wade, and of course, Phillip Rhys as Proto Zoa. This … Read More

5 Comment Questions: What To Do If Your Crush Already Has A Girlfriend

The heart wants what it wants, and sometimes the heart wants a taken guy. When I was in high school, there was this super cute boy who was my best friend — and my secret crush. He was everything I found attractive all rolled into one person. But he had a girlfriend. Despite that fact, I … Read More

5 Readers’ Questions About Emotional Cheating, Answered

Emotional cheating is a tough situation to go through with someone you’re dating. It’s hard to even figure out it’s actually happening since it deals with feelings and words rather than concrete actions. We all process our feelings in different ways, and sometimes we get caught up with trying to make ourselves feel better that we don’t … Read More

5 Comment Questions From Readers’ About Getting Back With Their Ex, Answered

I get it, relationships are hard and messy, and sometimes they just flat-out suck. No two situations are the same and it’s hard to balance what your heart feels and what your head tells you. People breakup and get back together all the time. Sometimes it’s a good thing, and other times it’s a really … Read More

How To Get The Best Instagram Pictures Ever: 15 Photo Apps You Need To Download

I have a problem: I am obsessed with Instagram, and it’s becoming slightly embarrassing. I check my Instagram feed the moment I wake up, before I go to bed, and about 100 times in between those two things. I’ll admit to taking way too many selfies, as well as way too many pictures of my … Read More

5 Readers’ Questions: How To Deal With A Super Jealous Boyfriend

Jealousy is normal in any relationship. If you’re dating someone, you’ve probably been there before: you’re talking to a guy your boyfriend doesn’t know, and even though it was completely innocent, he starts questioning you about it later on, wanting to know who he is and what he wanted. It’s a normal reaction for anyone … Read More

13 Things You’ll Only Understand When Your Friend Is In A Toxic Relationship

I have been in my fair share of toxic relationships, and I’ll be the first to tell you that they are not fun. But I’ll also tell you that when you’re in a toxic relationship, it’s almost impossible to realize that you’re in one. Your friends will tell you how much your boyfriend or girlfriend … Read More

From The Message Boards: My Boyfriend Keeps Asking Me For Money

When it comes to relationships, money is often a touchy subject. Who pays for what? Do you split things? Is it okay to ask your partner for money? Well, that’s what you’re talking about on the message boards. One girl’s BF keeps asking her for money. What should she do? Let’s find out what y’all … Read More

Gurl Horoscopes November 2013

Can you believe that we’re already in November? It seems like we were just planning our Halloween costumes yesterday! With the holidays fast approaching, you might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed. But the holidays are also a time for joy and excitement! Find out what’s going to be happening in terms of love and life … Read More

Gurl Horoscopes September 2013

Wow can you believe we’re already at September?! You’re going back to school and getting ready for a whole new year, which probably means a new you as well. You’re trying to put on your best self as you head back to class, and you’re opening yourself up to new opportunities and friends. This year … Read More

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