15 Phases You Go Through When You’re Rejected By Your Crush

One of the absolute worst feelings is in the world is the one you get when you learn that the person you have feelings for doesn’t like you back. But what makes this experience even more painful is the fact that you have to pretend you’re completely fine with being rejected, because apparently, failing to move … Read More

21 Hilarious Examples Of Celebrities Being Called “Mom”

Being a mom is really hard. I mean, just ask Kendall Jenner. I assume that Ms. Jenner knows the struggle of motherhood–the sleepless nights, the thankless duties, the trauma of never-ending dirty diapers–not because she, herself, is a mother in the conventional sense, but because she is a “MOM,” which is far more important. If … Read More

15 Of The Creepiest GIFs You’ll Ever See

Every now and again, the internet produces things so strange that you are filled with a conglomeration of simultaneous disgust and appreciation. Half the time you’re browsing online you’re thinking, “You have weirded me out, but I am also amused…proceed.” You then show all your friends, because who wants to feel uncomfortable all by themselves??!! No … Read More

20 Times Cara Delevingne Flawlessly DGAF

If there’s one thing that the masses objectively love, it’s got to be a supermodel that’s super-gorgeous but also super-relatable, right? This has been empirically proven in the case of Cara Delevingne, she of the eyebrows and totally amazing Instagram account. Recently, Cara’s moved on to an acting career. She’s currently starring in the just-released … Read More

This Pride Makeup Tutorial Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Taylor Smith, or tadelesmith, is sort of known on YouTube for her sarcastic and gorgeous makeup tutorials. You might remember her feminist makeup tutorial from a while back. She hasn’t done one in a while, but after the amazing Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage in the United States last week, she conjured up … Read More

The 22 Most Flawless Examples Of Celebrities Throwing Shade

One of my favorite things about social media is watching people get angry about something, then turn around and throw shade at someone in a fascinatingly epic way. Before we get any further, for those of you who don’t know the ins and outs of shade throwing, let’s check out the Urban Dictionary definition for … Read More

20 Flawless Responses Celebrities Gave To Fat-Shaming Comments

As a hardened Internet user, it’s pretty rare for YouTube videos to really make an impact on me – the video has to be really special if it’s going to make me feel things. But the video I watched this morning did just that – it made me feel all the feels, and I knew … Read More

Olivia Holt From The Tinker Bell Movies Talks Super Awkward Moments And More

You guys know Olivia Holt, right? I mean, do I really have to ask? She’s only the star of some of your favorite Disney Channel shows, like I Didn’t Do It. She’s super amazing, super multi-talented, and just a really fun person to chat with. How do I know she’s awesome to chat with? Well, … Read More

Get An Exclusive Clip Of The Best Of Me, Now On DVD And Blu-Ray

Remember the last Nicholas Sparks movie, The Best of Me? Of course you do, it was awesome! And we got to chat with Liana Liberato, who starred in the film along with Luke Bracey, James Marsden, and Michelle Monaghan. The Best of Me is finally out on Blu-ray and DVD, but we wanted to show … Read More

28 Must-See Reactions To This Year’s Oscar Nominations

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen this year’s Oscar Nominations. Oscar Noms are pretty much the most anticipated list every year so people were ready to go this morning. And basically everyone was really disappointed. Why? Well, for starters, Selma, the film about the voting rights marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama … Read More

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