Ask A Guy: Why Do Guys Talk To You Without Asking You Out?

Hey Joel, One of my best guy friends moved across the country last year. We kept up communication through texting and Snapchat in the year he’s been gone, and, when we’re texting and stuff, he’s always really flirty. He’s also come to visit a couple times throughout the year, but that’s sort of the problem–every … Read More

30 Hilarious Tumblr Posts You’ll Relate To For No Reason

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it at least 100 more times in my life: if you need a mindless laugh, Tumblr is the place to go. Sure, there are the thought-provoking posts that will make you question things you’ve never really considered, and yes, there are some posts that will literally predict … Read More

What To Do If Your Crush Says You’re Too Needy

Hi Heather, I met this cute guy recently and there were sparks, so we started chatting on Snapchat. He complimented me, seemed interested in me, and we had some nice conversations. Last week, he said he was really busy with school and work and stuff and sent me this message: “Just doing stuff, I probs … Read More

Ask A Guy: Why Your Crush Won’t Talk To You At School

Hey Joel, There’s this guy on my swim team. I’ve known him for a little over a year and we’re definitely good friends. We’ve often spent entire days at meets talking and joking about anything and everything. However, I have him on Snapchat and he often takes hours to respond when we’re having a conversation, … Read More

15 Hilarious Posts You’ll Love If You Want A Boyfriend But Hate Boys

Can we be honest for a minute: boys are….the worst. I mean, sure SOME of them are fine, but, whatever. Every time I find myself seeing boys do dumb things, this gif is instantly playing in my brain: Yes, it is tragic that Leslie and Ann are heterosexual, because boys are the worst. And yet, … Read More

15 Of The Best Responses To Being Asked For Nudes You Need To See

What is the worst possible text you can receive? Some might think it’s a “did you clean your room” text from a parent, or a “I need to talk to you right now” text from your BFF. Both of these are, admittedly, upsetting, but they are not the worst. What is probably the worst text … Read More

17 Important Things You Didn’t Realize You Need To Bring To Prom

I’m going to tell you guys a SUPER embarrassing story: when I went to my prom, I ended up eating some bad food and being sick for a lot of the night. I still had fun, but I totally regretted eating the restaurant’s food. Thank goodness I remembered to pack some Tums or else my … Read More

16 Guys Who Will Remind You Why You’re A Feminist

I am not here today to try and convince you that you need to become a feminist. In my brief time as a human being, I have found that it is often all but impossible to convince someone who doesn’t share your beliefs that your beliefs are the ones that are right and that their … Read More

15 Of The Worst Things You Could Ever Get As A DM

If you are a person on the internet–particularly a girl, or someone who presents as a girl–chances are good that you have gotten your fair share of bizarre, unwanted messages from strangers. (Usually men, but I’m not going to get into that whole can of worms right now.) These messages could come in the form … Read More

16 Basic Things Girls Will Never Be Able To Do

You know what’s cool about being a girl? No matter what you do, somewhere out there, someone will criticize you for it, just because you’re a girl. Sure, a guy can send you 50 annoying texts in a row, and most people would deem it romantic and sweet, a sign of true affection. But if … Read More

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