I Learned to Love My Body… After I Sold It

Notice: This article and any opinions expressed herein are solely for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. Gurl.com does not recommend or endorse any specific resource, product, service, or other information described herein. The first time someone called me fat, I was eight years old. “You’re so … Read More

How To Tell Your Guy Friend You Like Him

Dear Heather, I’ve been friends with this guy for almost five years now, and I’ve had a crush on him for four years. I’ve never told him how I truly feel because I’m so afraid I’ll ruin our friendship. We have both established that he’s like a brother to me and I’m like his little … Read More

7 Ways You’re Making Your Relationship Miserable That You Don’t Even Notice

Most romantic relationships end, and it’s often for the best. Couples have incompatible personalities and values, long distance romance fizzles out, infidelity rears its ugly head…and sometimes even the most seemingly well matched folks just fall out of love. Whether it’s drama-free or dramatized, relationships end all the time for all kinds of legitimate reasons. … Read More

We Know The Day You’re Most Likely To Be Cheated On

This post might sound a little dramatic, so I want to start out with a disclaimer that, despite what we originally said (“we know the day you’re most likely to be cheated on”), there is no way we can actually predict if you will get cheated on in 2017. In fact, I truly hope you don’t … Read More

12 Of The Stupidest Inspirational Quotes About Single People

It’s happened to everyone. You’re scrolling through Pinterest (or Instagram, or Tumblr, or any similar image-sharing site), trying to find  some sensible summer outfit options or a cost-effective recipe for a nourishing quinoa stew, when, bam. It hits you. Some text, written out in big block or cursive letters, superimposed over a filtered-out sunset or ambiguous, … Read More

14 Questions People Need To Stop Asking All Incoming College Freshmen

You know those questions you’re asked them so much, you can just feel them coming a mile away? If someone just parts their lips a certain way, I already know that they’re going to ask me something so ridic that I already have my eye roll ready. The majority of the annoying questions are about your life. … Read More

The 11 Unofficial Rules Of Breaking Up With Someone

All the advice in the world will never change the fact that breakups are extremely hard. You almost never see them coming and when they finally do happen, they often feel surreal. Trying to cut ties with the person you love can be so painful, and sometimes, it seems impossible to move on. But while breakups can be … Read More

Gurl Horoscopes November 2015

The fact that it is now November literally–literally–blows all of our minds here at Gurl. Like, we feel like it was just November of last year, don’t you? Well, be that as it may, we must face the fact that it is, in fact, the November of this year. With this knowledge, you might as … Read More

14 Things You Can Do When You’re Single That You Can’t Do When You’re In A Relationship

Being in a relationship is great, but being single is great too. I love having a boyfriend, and I’m so happy in my relationship. However, there are a lot of things you can’t do when you’re dating someone. A lot of those things like focusing on hobbies and spending time with my friends I get … Read More

14 Awkward Things That Happen In Every New Relationship

Being in a new relationship is really fun and exciting. You’re filled with butterflies and are in a honeymoon phase of wanting to see your new boyfriend or girlfriend all the time. You’re basically obsessed with each other and don’t even care who knows it! But being in a new relationship also comes with some … Read More

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