15 Weird Things You Did In 2015 That Will Make Absolutely No Sense Next Year

In many respects, I think we can all agree that 2015 has proved itself to be a pretty great year. It was a year full of life. Love. Memes. The end of “chill.” There’s no denying, however, that, in addition to all of these objectively great things, 2015 was also hella weird. Like, “waking up … Read More

15 Unique Dating Rules From Around The World You Never Knew Existed

Dating is so freaking weird. I’m sure to other cultures the amount of technology we factor into our dating lives would seem absurd, and some of these crazy dating rules would seem perfectly normal. Dating is so weird that it’s not a universal language. Sure, everyone all over the world falls in love, but the … Read More

18 Reactions To The San Bernardino Shooting That Will Change Your Views On Gun Control

By now, you’re probably all aware of the San Bernardino shooting that happened at a holiday party at the Inland Regional Center, a center for people with developmental disabilities. The tragedy was yet another mass shooting in the United States that made us, once again, discuss the lack of gun control laws in this country … Read More

10 Signs You’re Emotionally Cheating On Your Significant Other

How do you know when you’re emotionally cheating on someone? Physically cheating on someone is pretty obvious – I would hope you realize you’re doing something wrong if you’re hooking up with someone who isn’t your significant other – but emotionally cheating? It’s a little less clear, especially when you don’t want to admit it’s … Read More

10 Things Girls Are Most Insecure About In Relationships

Dealing with insecurity in a relationship can be tough. I mean, it’s not easy to quit obsessing over our flaws, or to stop getting paranoid over issues that probably don’t exist. We’re just so used to having seeds of doubt planted in our minds, and we tend to over-analyze and misinterpret the simplest things that our … Read More

9 Reasons Why Alaska From John Green’s Looking For Alaska Is Actually The Worst

When I finished reading John Green’s Looking for Alaska, three things went through my mind. The first was that this book was okay. Not great. Not really good. But just okay. Second, the only character that I actually liked and found relatable was The Colonel. I absolutely loved his humor! And finally, I thought that … Read More

Check Out This Cool Video On The Evolution Of Women’s Eyewear

Just a few days ago, BuzzFeed posted the coolest video ever. In the span of about two minutes, a young woman was filmed wearing over 80 years of women’s eye wear. The glasses ranged from the classic cat-eye to aviators and rectangular frames. If you’re really into shades, then you seriously need to check out … Read More

Check Out The 5 Weirdest Pizza Toppings People Actually Eat

What’s the weirdest topping you’ve ever had with your pizza? Was it bacon? Eggs? Potatoes? Veggies? Well, whatever that topping was, we bet they don’t compare to these 5 crazy toppings that people actually eat. In this funny video, two girls decided to try them all out and give their thoughts on how each topping tastes. … Read More

The 10 Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

I don’t think I need to tell you guys that breaking up with someone is hard to do. Regardless of how long you’ve been in a relationship or what reasons you have for ending it, dumping someone sucks, and figuring out how to do it right is pretty tough. There could be arguing, tears, and … Read More

15 Little Signs You’re Actually Too Insecure

No matter how often we’re all encouraged to be confident in ourselves, insecurity runs rampant in human beings as a whole. We all have moments of insecurity, whether we glance in the mirror and feel like we’re not looking our hottest, get a few bad grades and start to think of ourselves as stupid and … Read More

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