Are You A Relationship Risk Taker?

Find out if you’re taking too many risks that might get you in serious trouble, or if maybe you need a dose of risk to spice up your floundering love life! Read More

i’m out of control and can’t stop sexting! should i stop?

Dear Heather, I have a strange obsession with sexting. I’d die if anybody read some of my texts. I’ve also sent my share of pictures, but I just can’t control myself. Is this a bad thing? Sexting can be a bad thing — but it depends on how you go about it. If you’re sending … Read More

Welcome To Our Brand-new “Help Me Henry” Ask-a-Guy Advice Column!

Welcome to Help me Henry, my regular(-ish) column where I try to bring in a guy’s perspective on all your pressing questions about, um, guys. Read More

we’re in love but he’s far away

dear heather, I had been with my boyfriend for four months when he trotted off to join the Navy, which just sucks. We are both, however, confirmed optimists, willing to persevere, and very much in love, so we’ve decided to keep it going while he’s gone. I miss him like mad, but I’ve decided that … Read More

16 Whisper Confessions About Cheating That Will Break Your Heart

We can encounter all sorts of problems in relationships. One of the biggest problems is cheating. It can completely crush the faithful partner and ruin even the most solid relationship. A lot of times, it can bring an end to a relationship. If you’ve ever been cheated on, you will know that there are sooooo many … Read More

18 Common College Freshman Mistakes To Avoid

If you’re a college freshman, you’re probably used to advice at this point. You’ve likely been getting it for at least a year and a half. It has probably been coming at you from all angles from parents, teachers, guidance counselors, random people from colleges who would visit your schools, old siblings, and cousins. The … Read More

16 Whisper Confessions About Heading Off To College

The days of August are ticking by. For a lot of people, that means they’re going to be heading off to college before they know it. Some people might be freshman and feel like they’re going into the unknown while it might be part of the routine for second, third, and fourth-year students. No matter the … Read More

16 Reasons Being Single In The Summer Is The Best

It’s the summer! Woot. If you’re single, you should own it because this is actually one of the best times of the year to be flying solo. Think about it: The weather is amazing, you hopefully don’t have to go to school, everybody is outside, and you’re not tied down by anyone. That means it’s … Read More

Should I Break Up With My SO If We’re Not Going to The Same College?

Being a senior in high school is an exciting time. You have less than a year to go at this school then you can go into the semi-adult world where you don’t have to deal with uniforms, rules about chewing gum, and late slips. As great as it is to be the “big kids” in … Read More

8 Signs You’re Too Dependent On Your Significant Other

One of the benefits of being in a relationship is that you have a partner in crime who you can count on to always be there for you and to support you. If you have someone like that, I’m genuinely happy for you. Congrats. I don’t want to rain on the relationship parade, but what I … Read More

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