7 Weird Things That Can Make Your Vagina Itchy

Picture this: you’re hanging at the pool with your squad and rocking a trendy swimsuit (this one, perhaps). You’re having the ~best time~ taking Snapchats and joking around on a swan float. And then… all of the sudden… your vagina gets itchy. But you OBVIOUSLY can’t scratch it, right?!  Everybody will see you touching your … Read More

17 Old People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Growing Up

Given that I am an incredibly youthful, twelve-year-old musical.ly star who ages at half the rate of a normal human being, I have to say that I don’t really understand what it is like to be “old.” But I don’t think it’s a stretch, necessarily, to say that most people have at least a little … Read More

Is Facebook Being Homophobic With These Posts?

You may or may not have noticed an increase of pride flags on Facebook over the past few weeks. The tiny rainbow flag is a reaction option, the new “pride reaction” for Pride Month, but, TBH, I hope it sticks around for longer. I mean, just look at how fun they are! Not to mention how important … Read More

This New Nail Polish Hack Will Change Your Life

I normally hate the phrase “life hack” because, most of the time, the “hacks” are either just really basic things or something so ridiculous that doing the original action would probably be more convenient. So, when I say that I was pretty freaking impressed with this nail polish hack, you KNOW I’m being serious. Emma … Read More

You Won’t Believe What The New Ken Dolls Look Like

There are a lot of negative things to be said about Barbie dolls, it is true, but I can’t help myself: I will always be a fan. I’m not the only one who bonded with friends and cousins over making our Barbie and Ken dolls have sex… right? Right. Chances are good that it’s been … Read More

Taylor Swift Is Releasing New Music Soon, Probably

Before you start attacking me for this article, you need to hear me out: there is a VERY good chance that Taylor Swift is releasing music this year, and there is also a VERY good chance that it is coming our way soon. Even though she has been in the news a lot as of … Read More

You Won’t Believe The Shady Thing This Shady Celeb Did (Just Kidding, You Will)

Here are three things that, at this point in the year of our lord 2017, are just about the only two things that might be qualified as a being “true:” Taylor Swift is a shady, petty woman who is not to be trusted (a “snake,” if you will). Katy Perry has been having a pretty rough go … Read More

12 Of The Most Awkward Times Celebrities Had Music Careers

I recently stumbled upon a video of actress Kirsten Dunst, and I was absolutely shook. Wait, let me make that more specific: It was a music video by Kirsten Dunst. As far as I knew, she was strictly an actress, a performer who has done everything from teen comedies, to iconic blockbuster, to melancholic cult … Read More

Finding This Cute Might Mean You Support Harassment

If you’ve been on Twitter today, you’ve probably seen this tweet make the rounds on your timeline: The replies are full of people lamenting over the teen boy who, allegedly, continues to get curved by his crush. Some were suggesting this kid hook up with their younger sisters who are far nicer than the girl who … Read More

Boys Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Student Will Not Be Charged

A Facebook post that went viral this week has sparked outrage for something incredibly frustrating: yet another high school seems to have chosen to ignore an alleged sexual assault case. The post, written by the victim’s cousin, accuses three male students from Texas school Coppell High School of sexually abusing his cousin. The post alleges the … Read More

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