The DuckTales Theme Featuring Real Ducks Is Adorable

I’m a big fan of the old cartoon DuckTales because it was literally one of the greatest cartoons, and it ended way too soon. There have been many covers of the DuckTales theme song, which is probably the best theme song of any cartoon. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air clearly has the BEST theme … Read More

The New iPhone 6 Has Finally Been Revealed!

I, like many of you, have been itching to get information about the new iPhone 6. I have an iPhone 5 that barely lasts me through a subway ride with its horrible battery life. I’m always a sucker for the latest Apple gadget, and the iPhone 6 is no exception. Rumor has it that the … Read More

What’s Your Laughing Style?

What would you say is your laughing type? I think I’m a giggler. I guess it depends on what I’m laughing about, though. Popular YouTube duo Tripp and Tyler made an awesome video that shows the various types of laughs. Some are funny, some are annoying and you’ll definitely be able to pick out your … Read More

The Second Catching Fire Trailer Is SO GOOD

We’re getting closer and closer to the Catching Fire premiere in November, and we’re living off posters and clips and stills. At Comic-Con this weekend, we finally got a second trailer for the much anticipated film, and it did not disappoint. The first trailer was good, but we didn’t really get to see anything. In … Read More

Can Your Underwear Make You Orgasm?!

Plenty of things can make you orgasm … but is your underwear one of them? Well, it could be soon enough. Durex has developed something called Fundawear. It’s basically a special device that’s built into some skivvies–bras and panties for girls and boxer-briefs for guys–that will enable couples to touch each other and essentially bring one … Read More

Ask A Naked Guy About Meeting The Parents

The holidays are coming up and we’re guessing that lots of you are meeting your boo’s parents for the first time…and are more than a little bit nervous. We don’t blame you. This is a huge deal! So, Kate and Mari got the naked truth on how to make a family meet-n-greet go perfectly. Step … Read More

This Little Girl Is Sick Of The Election

It’s official – the presidential election is over! Besides the great news (or not so great, depending on who you supported) that Barack Obama will be serving a second term, we can also look forward to our Facebook and Twitter feeds going back to normal. I know some of you are probably getting a little … Read More

5 Signs That You’re In A Toxic Relationship

Sure, last week you were in tears over the fact that he didn’t call when he said he would (even though he had plenty of time to write on some other girl’s Facebook wall five times)–but he’s said he’s sorry and you are sure you’ll never fight again. Until next time, that is. Everyone relationship … Read More

Is He Into Me? How To Find Out For Sure!

How can you tell if a guy really likes you? Like, really like likes you? Are there any secret clues? Well, actually, there are. Sara has a few sneaky ways you can tell if a dudes into you. Super helpful and super stealth! Do your friends constantly ask, “Is he into me?” Do you ever … Read More

Five Reasons Why Taking A Break Rarely Works Out

When you first started dating the world looked like roses and lollipops. You were all boo’d up and your sweetie pie could do no wrong! Yeah, well. Those days are long gone. Now you get on each other’s nerves. Ugh. That cute little way he would interrupt everything you said is WAY annoying. You need … Read More

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