19 Times 2016 Was A Messy Bitch Who Lives For Drama

If you are looking to improve your skills of description when it comes to recapping the events of the past year–you know, rather than resorting to the guttural, full-body moans that probably feel instinctual to you at this point–you should know that there are a number of good adjectives that can be used to describe … Read More

7 Weird Things You Didn’t Know Stress Does To Your Skin

Not to keep harping on things that you most likely don’t want to be thinking about right now, but you have a lot of reasons to be stressed right now. In fact, if you are a person who lives in the United States and aren’t at least a little bit stressed right now, I have to say … Read More

8 Signs You Shouldn’t Have Broken Up With Your Ex

The worst thing about a breakup is, obviously, missing the person you just broke up with. The second worst thing is regretting the choice you made to break up with them, and/or wondering if you actually shouldn’t have done it. Few things are as sucky as feeling like you did the wrong thing, especially when … Read More

8 Guys Share The Most Embarrassing Things They’ve Done After A Breakup

Listen, ending a relationship is really, really hard for everyone involved. It’s usually girls who get a reputation for acting “crazy” after getting broken up with (which is not a fair assessment), but guys can act irrationally, too. They may say that they’re not super emotional, but boys feel heartache just like anyone else. That heartache can make … Read More

15 Prom Dresses Inspired By Your Favorite YA Books

When I went to my senior prom, looking for the perfect prom dress was a nightmare. Just days before the event, I went from store to store, blindly thumbing through the racks and not having a clue what it was that I really wanted. It actually took me an entire day to find the perfect … Read More

8 Tips On How To Deal After A Breakup If You Want Your Ex Back

Being dumped sucks, and unless it was a mutual thing, you probably spend a lot of time thinking of ways to get your ex back. Maybe you imagine dramatic scenarios where they realize you’re the one and come back to you with roses and gifts, or maybe you daydream of running into them while you … Read More

The 11 Unofficial Rules Of Breaking Up With Someone

All the advice in the world will never change the fact that breakups are extremely hard. You almost never see them coming and when they finally do happen, they often feel surreal. Trying to cut ties with the person you love can be so painful, and sometimes, it seems impossible to move on. But while breakups can be … Read More

14 Of The Saddest Ways People Have Been Broken Up With That You’ll Ever See

Breakups are not fun. This, of course, is a painfully, mind-numblingly obviously common thought–a cliche one, even–but it doesn’t make the actual act of breaking up with someone any easier no matter how deserved and inevitable the breakup was, or whichever side of the breakup you happen to be on. But no matter how objectively not fun … Read More

11 Of The Most Ridiculous Ways That Guys Have Ever Apologized For Screwing Up

What would it take for you to accept an apology from a guy who has really, majorly messed up? It depends on what they’ve done, of course, but when you think about how seemingly endless apology methods can be utilized, you’ve got a lot to use in order to keep a groveling, weepy boy who … Read More

20 Overly Sexual Valentine’s Day Memes With Absolutely No Chill

When it comes to the subject of mid-range, overtly-commercialized holidays, there may not be one that is quite so divisive as Valentine’s Day. You’ve got the people who love it, counting down the days until they can show their Beloved how much they actually care about them through an assortment of prescribed, pre-approved, abjectly boring … Read More

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