Do You Actually Have “Not Face?” Find Out!

You know that expression you have when someone asks you to do something that you’re not super into? The one you try so badly to hold off, but somehow ends up flashing across your face and making the person who asked you to engage in said unappealing activity (like saying, “Hey baby. I just sh*t my … Read More

13 Moments That Proved Black History Month 2016 Was Beyond Lit

As a kid, I always thought that Black History Month was important, but I also thought that it was only meant to focus on reflection. We were to look back at our grim slave origins, learn about older events and people, like Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King Jr. It was about learning about the … Read More

The 34 Most Important Moments Of The 2016 Grammy Awards

In case you missed it, the 2016 Grammy Awards aired last night (February 15) and it was… well… it was an awards show. Okay, actually, no it wasn’t. The majority of the awards were given out earlier in the day, before the ceremony, so the show itself was basically just a really long concert featuring … Read More

7 Foolproof Ways To Get Over Your Ex Fast

If you’ve gone through a breakup recently–or, even, quite a bit ago–you’re probably getting a lot of the same type of advice. While its delivery and cadence might vary depending on the person (there’s usually a difference in tone from your mom and best friend), it can usually be boiled down to one basic sentiment: … Read More

Would You Rather: Pick Between The Worst Ways To Get Dumped

Getting dumped by someone is not fun. You basically have to deal with the fact that the person you love no longer feels the same way or just believes that things will never work out in the long run. And how do you cope? Well, with Adele songs and several tubs of ice cream, of course. … Read More

30 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Explain How You Feel About Your Ex

One of the hardest things about ending a relationship is then having to learn how to deal with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. When you’re struggling to move on, seeing or hearing about your ex can be torture. When you’ve already moved on, the mere mention of your ex might make you roll your eyes or … Read More

Watch These Guys Perform The 30 Top Hits Of 2015 In Under 3 Minutes!

So today, I discovered a really awesome mashup of 2015’s biggest hits! YouTubers EricThayneMusic, Ashley Hess, David Osmond, and James Curran all collaborated on this epic mashup, which included hits like “Hello” by Adele, “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift, “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap, “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, and “Drag Me Down” by One Direction! It sounds pretty … Read More

12 Weird Things We All Do In The Shower That We Don’t Want To Admit

Taking a shower is part of everyone’s every day routine, but that doesn’t mean we all enjoy it. Showering takes time and effort, and if you’re feeling lazy, it’s something you put off unless you have to do it. Unfortunately, it’s also something we kind of have to do (so we don’t all smell), and … Read More

The 26 Weirdest Pop Culture Moments Of 2015 You Forgot Happened

It’s hard to look back on 12 months worth of news, events, and media stories. It seems like the past year flew by, until you do something like take this Buzzfeed quiz on when certain events that happened in 2015 and you realize you actually forgot the details about the majority of things that went … Read More

12 Totally Badass Ways That Girls Have Gotten Revenge On Their Exes

When it comes to Taylor Swift, I think that I have made it pretty clear that I am not exactly one of her dedicated worshippers. I know, I know–1989 is an unstoppable force. “Blank Space” will never not bang. Her “squad” rolls deep and is also deeply terrifying. It’s just that, for whatever reason, I … Read More

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