Ask A Guy: How To Take Sexy Photos Without Taking Nudes

Hey Joel, My boyfriend recently asked me to take some photos of me for his ”inspiration” when I’m not around. I want to make him happy, but I don’t really feel good about taking nudes. Is there a way to take sexy photos without taking nudes? First and foremost – never, EVER do anything of … Read More

14 Amazing Outfit Ideas For Spirit Week Everyone Else Will Want To Copy

Now that we are firmly and officially in the back to school season (sorry!!) it’s probably time for you to start thinking about what you’re going to do for spirit week. Spirit week, if you do not go to a conventional high school that shoves its ideals down its students throats on a daily basis, … Read More

9 Signs Your Partner Might Cheat On You, Backed By Science

There are a lot of ways a romantic partner can betray you (sorry), but cheating is arguably the worst. Unless you’re in an open relationship, you don’t want to even think about your boyfriend or girlfriend flirting with, let alone hooking up with, another person behind your back. Infidelity can break your heart and destroy … Read More

15 Genius Tech Items You Need For College

Out of all of the things that you are buying for college, tech items are probably pretty low on your list. You have your phone and computer, so what more do you need, really? This was exactly what I thought when I was packing for school… and then I dropped my phone the first week and … Read More

15 Of The Most Luxurious Dorm Rooms You’ll Ever See

We’re just about to enter college move-in season. In fact, chances are good that some of your friends have begun to move into their college dorms already, and, as a result, your various social media feeds–Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram–are all but inundated with a slew of college dorm photos. Most of these, I assume, are pretty … Read More

15 Surprising Things Your Professors Won’t Care About In College

High school and college may be about education, but they are two different beasts. College comes with a lot of independence. You don’t have your parents to guide you or make decisions for you. Remember parental permission forms in high school? Those don’t exist in college because you’re a proper adult. And just like parents … Read More

7 Real Guys Explain Why They Ghosted On Girls

We’ve all been there. You’re talking to a guy (not, like, talking IRL, but talking talking, which really just means texting) and, all of a sudden, they just…stop. Talking to you, that is. The change from “talking” to “not talking” is so sudden and abrupt that your first instinct is to assume that they have … Read More

12 Reasons To Try Phone Sex

There are lots of different types of sex we can have. There’s oral sex, P-in-the-V sex, anal sex, and the (seemingly) 485 other variations on all of them. Another type of sex you can have is phone sex. I know, I know, phone sex isn’t exactly the same as vaginal penetration, but it’s technically still a … Read More

17 Funny Howdy Sheriff Memes That Will Make You LOL

I am, obviously, a fan of memes. I think they truly bring us all together, especially when the world is such a mess. I mean, sure, people DO go overboard when it comes to memes (remember Harambe?!) but there are often a few days of fun and pure memes before the internet ruins them. And … Read More

Ask A Guy: How To Make Sure A Guy Won’t Send Your Nudes To His Friends

Hey Joel, I recently did something pretty dumb. I sent nudes and a selfie (although a part of my face is hidden) to a guy on Kik who I don’t know. And now I’m completely freaking out because it was a stupid thing to do and even though he said he wouldn’t post it anywhere … Read More

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