11 Times Badass Female Celebs Called Out Sexism

If there’s one thing I love more than harmless celebrity drama, it’s when celebrities use their power to address serious issues, like sexism. Sexism is very real, and unfortunately, women are faced with it every single day. It can come in the form of a man asking for a woman to wear a certain outfit, … Read More

11 Bad Pieces Of Advice That Single People Hear All The Time

Most people would agree, I think, that there are very few things that are more aggravating than receiving unsolicited advice. There are exceptions, of course–if you are about to walk head-in into a busy urban intersection because you are busy reading a Russian novel or trying to make that one last Vine, unsolicited advice would … Read More

16 Surefire Signs You’re Actually Flaky AF

We all have that one flaky friend. You know, the friend you make plans with weeks in advance, even though you know, know, that she’s going to cancel on you at the last minute. The friend you text and don’t hear back from for a minimum of three days. The friend who constantly forgets everything … Read More

18 Totally Badass Tweets About Loving Sex

Listen up, guys–it’s “hoe time.” I’m sorry. That was obscene, I think. Many of the English teachers I have had over the course of my academic career would chide me for opening a piece of writing with a lede that relies on the shock value of what is commonly perceived as vulgarity, let alone one … Read More

21 Tweets About Dads That Will Actually Make You Laugh

It’s a good time to be a dad on the internet. And I’m not just talking about the increased cultural acceptance of the previously-taboo term “daddy,” either! No, the internet is absolutely gaga over dads–their jokes, their bods, their very way of life–in a way that moms have yet to attain, for reasons that probably … Read More

11 Of The Pettiest Things People Have Ever Done To Their Exes

Pettiness–which, if you aren’t familiar, is basically the act of being spiteful towards someone for no reason in particular–seems to have been having a massive resurgence in acceptance and popularity as of late. People tweet about being petty.Write Tumblr posts about it. Admit that nearly everything they do is petty. Is this a good thing? … Read More

14 Things Taylor Swift Does That You’ll Never Be Able To Do

Not to be a total Becky, but I just can’t stop thinking about Taylor Swift today. It’s not my fault! Taylor Swift is everywhere, which is exhausting, but not particularly surprising–in fact, today is a day much like any other, really, in that nothing is really directly related to Taylor Swift, and yet everything is related to Taylor … Read More

12 Rainbow Makeup Looks To Celebrate LGBT Pride

You don’t need me to tell you that rainbow beauty looks are very hot right now. We’ve seen rainbow bangs, rainbow freckles, and even multicolored thermal highlighter. And those are just the looks that have happened in the last few months. It’s safe to say that we are definitely at peak rainbow. Even food is getting … Read More

16 Of The Best Senior Pranks Of 2016

A good senior prank is hard to pull off. It has to strike the perfect balance between outrageous and manageable. It has to be original enough so that you can mobilize enough people, but not so original that nobody understands what’s going on. It has to get you noticed, ideally by many people on the Internet … Read More

16 Of The Best Promposals Of 2016

In today’s day and age, “Will you go to prom with me?” is no longer an acceptable question. People expect to be swept off their feet when being asked to go to prom – posters, flowers, scavenger hunts, balloons, and flash mobs are practically requirements. If the promposal wasn’t Insta-worthy, you might as well say … Read More

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