my bff dumped me to flirt with older boys!

dear heather, My best friend and I have had problems this year. At the beginning of the school year she liked this guy. He is two years older than us and she started to hang out with all of the people in his grade. I’m fine with that but she forgot all about me and … Read More

crystal bowersox: “the first time i got dumped” (plus, hear her exclusive gURL theme song!)

Crystal Bowersox is the American Idol runner-up who’s a total winner in our eyes (and that’s not just because she recorded a theme song on the fly…no, seriously!). She may be a single mom (and a former teen mom, at that), but she doesn’t let it get in the way of her dreams. That’s … Read More

this guy dumped me after two weeks but i still love him

question posted by classicblondee on the shout out boards: dear heather, I’m 14 and last year I started really liking this boy. I don’t know why. He’s not the nicest, loved or most attractive person. In fact, he’s the opposite. He’s hated by, like, my whole school, he’s kind of ugly and a bit of … Read More

8 Signs You Might Get Back Together With Your Ex

When you break up with someone, your heart probably breaks at that moment whether you’re the one doing the dumping or getting dumped. What might help you get through it is that tiny glimmer of hope that you and your now-ex might someday get back together. I don’t want you to get your hopes up … Read More

7 Things You Should Never Do When Breaking Up With Someone

Breakups are hard AF. There’s no point mincing words about it. It’s painful when you realize that you two were once so good and now, you’re not connected at all. And the split is hard whether you’re the one getting dumped or the one doing the dumping. If you have been debating about ending your … Read More

14 Whisper Confessions About Breaking Up That Are Real AF

It was just Valentine’s Day which means that if you’ve recently gone through a breakup, you’re probably feeling a bit down and alone. I want you to cheer up, girl. I know that it can be hard to do with all of the photos of couples looking lovey-dovey at V-Day meals, but you’re not alone. … Read More

15 Whisper Confessions That Sum Up Why Valentine’s Day Sucks

I’m going to be Captain Obvious for a second and announce that Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. If you’re into the holiday, you’re probably planning your red and pink outfit now. And if you’re anti-Valentine’s Day, you’re probably counting down the days until the vile commercial holiday is over. I don’t mind … Read More

7 Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Going To Last In 2018

The new year is all about new exciting hopes and dreams. So, I’m probably going to sound like a big Debbie Downer here, but I’m going to say it anyways because it could be exactly what you need to hear. As we know, with the good stuff, there is often bad stuff. I hope that … Read More

7 Reasons You Keep Going Back To Your Ex

It would be nice if relationships were clear cut, but I’ve discovered that that isn’t always the case. There seems to be a big murky area of whether people are exclusive, friends with benefits, or “taking it one step at a time.” Communication (or lack thereof) usually has something to do with it, along with … Read More

8 Things You Have To Do If Your Relationship Ends Right Before The Holidays

There really is no good time for a relationship to end. However, getting dumped around the holidays can feel extra painful. Here you had visions of you and your SO attending holiday parties in matching ugly Christmas sweaters and having an *amazing* New Year’s Eve celebration together ending with the perfect midnight kiss. And now? … Read More

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