The Alloy Click: Glee’s Amber Riley Covers Adele and it is beautiful!

JSYK, we’re part of the Alloy family (a.k.a. the people behind Gossip Girl, maybe you’ve heard of it?). Check out what our besties have been up to! Love Glee? Love Adele? Yeah, you’re not gonna want to miss this. [] These angry fans are calling Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz a “jerk face.” Uh, ok then. … Read More

Win Autographed Adele Music!

Adele is probably one of the coolest chicks conquering the world right now. Not only do you feel her lyrics every time she belts out hits like “Rolling in the Deep”, but the soulful singer also seems so cool and confident in her own skin at just 21 (Coincidentally, the name of her latest album … Read More

17 Rainbow Manicures To Celebrate Pride Month

It’s June which means Happy Pride Month, y’all. There are so many things to do that you can keep busy throughout all 30 days of June. If you’re looking for little ways that you can show your support for equality on a daily basis, your style is one easy way to do it. There are … Read More

15 Little Things That Are Actually Much Better Than Sex

Whether you’ve had it or not, chances are good that you already know that sex is a pretty big deal. Or, at least, you probably know that you’re supposed to think it’s a big deal. After all, pretty much everything from hamburgers to clothing stores tend to be sexualized in our society, so it’s no surprise that many … Read More

20 Ways To Wear A Tulle Skirt Without Looking Like You’re Playing Dress-Up

Tulle is the material you think of when you think about wedding veils, ballerina tutus, and prom dresses. More often than not, tulle is a special occasion type of fabric, used in a costume or something extremely fancy, so it’s kind of weird to see them pop up in stores and on Instagram in a … Read More

17 Unspoken Rules Of Breaking Up Everyone Follows

Breakups suck no matter what. Objectively, it sucks to get your heart broken and it sucks to break someone’s heart. And a lot of the suckiness comes from these weird, unspoken rules of breaking up that we all have to follow even if they kind of make it worse in some cases. Certain behaviors are … Read More

15 Awkward Things That Happen When You Kiss Someone New

The act of kissing is synonymous with romance, but that’s only part of things. Sometimes kissing can be downright awkward. Just think back to your first kiss or that awkward makeout session you had with your crush in a cramped closet during a game of truth or dare. (Don’t act like it didn’t happen). While … Read More

22 Of The Best Reactions To The 2017 Grammys

I have been trying to think of something good to say about the Grammys–which, if you didn’t know, aired last night–for about an hour, but, alas, I have been coming up blank. The Grammys are pretty much always boring, and always seem to take about 900,000 years to get through, and this year was no … Read More

26 Actual Good Things That Happened In 2016

By now, we are so used to hearing about how terrible 2016 was that thinking of it as anything other than the worst year we all collectively lived seems almost sacrilegious. And while it’s certainly true that a lot of awful things happened – I don’t think I need to go over them again, but … Read More

14 Things Taylor Swift’s Squad Does That You’ll Never Be Able To Do

To spend any time at all talking about Taylor Swift and her many-headed group of friends (more colloquially known as a “squad”) at this point in 2016 feels, in a lot of ways, redundant. We’ve been over this. We’ve taken the quizzes to find out which squad member you are, acknowledged that the squad reached its peak … Read More

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