7 Fun Things To Do When You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

I’ve always been single on Valentine’s Day and unless something drastically changes in the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be single this Valentine’s Day as well. I’m not against the holiday, actually. In fact, I think it’s a little over the top when people go on and on about how much they hate … Read More

8 Common Gift Mistakes To Avoid On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, and it’s time to start planning those gifts. Whether you’ve been dating someone for a long time or are in a new relationship, gifts are likely involved in your V-Day plans unless you’ve discussed otherwise. One Valentine’s Day I got something that was way too over-the-top for … Read More

8 Things You Definitely Should Not Do On Valentine’s Day

It’s pretty hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is only about a month away. I really am not a fan of Valentine’s Day to be honest. If you love someone, there shouldn’t be just one day where you love them more than every other day. I love everyone I love every day, you know? And … Read More

7 Totally Romantic but Not Cheesy V-Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you probably haven’t decided how you will spend the holidays so we’ve decided to help you out. We’ve come up with a list of ideas for people in relationships, for people who want to tell their crush how they feel and a couple ideas for the single … Read More

Get To Know The Gurl Girls: Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever

Valentine’s Day is in five days, yikes! I’ve never been big on V-Day, but maybe it’s because my track record with the holiday isn’t so great. It just never seems to end up the way we want it to! We’ve spent a lot of time in our meetings discussing our failed Valentine’s Days. Not like … Read More

Ask A Guy: What Should I Buy My Boyfriend For Valentine’s Day?

This week, we’re doing things a little different. We know a lot of you are struggling to figure out what the heck you should buy your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, so we knew we had to enlist Ethan to help! He’s answered the question based on any time of relationship you’re in. PS – thanks … Read More

Hate Valentine’s Day? Stop Being A Hater!

Being single like I am can suck, but there’s no reason to be bitter! Read More

Your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Whether you’re a Single Lady or Crazy In Love, follow these tips to make the most of the holiday–even if you hate it! Read More

Make A Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Based On The Vow!

Need a cute V-Day gift? This one is perfect! Read More

Our Best and Worst Valentine’s Day Moments

Everyone has had at least one good Valentine’s Day… and at least one horrible one too. Read ours! Read More

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