15 Reasons Tampons Are Actually The Worst

Whether tampons are your mortal enemy or your best friend, we can all agree that they occasionally suck. There is a definite learning curve to using tampons and it’s not like those beginning problems just go away over time. Expert tampon users get saddled with different problems. If you haven’t used one before, the experience … Read More

Are Your Tampons And Pads Actually Unsafe? 4 Natural Menstrual Product Alternatives

You may have heard the warning that using tampons whenever you have your period is unsafe. For years, people have been claiming that the chemicals used in tampons are unhealthy and shouldn’t be inserted into your body the way that there. For a long time, researchers never confirmed or denied this – until now. A … Read More

11 Facts About Tampons That You Didn’t Know

I’ve been using tampons since I was 15-years-old. Pads were always uncomfortable, and while I know that menstrual cups are a much more environmentally and wallet friendly option, I’m frankly not comfortable with the insertion process or maintenance yet. After I got over the learning curve (ugh, it took so many tries), tampons eventually became … Read More

Gurl Grabs: Win A Marysol Beach Bag And Three Packs Of Tampax Tampons

Summer will be here before we know it, and you know what that means: beach and pool days! It’s time to start preparing for those days right now, and what better way to do that than by entering a summery giveaway? One of our readers will win a pretty Marysol beach bag, along with three … Read More

10 Myths You’ve Heard About Tampons That Aren’t True

Embarrassing confession time! When I was younger, I was really scared of tampons. I read a lot of teen girl magazines (like Seventeen and CosmoGirl), and for some reason, those mags loved publishing horrifying tampon stories about girls who died from TSS or people who forgot they left a tampon inside of themselves. I read … Read More

The Answers To 12 Of Your Most Embarrassing Questions About Tampons

When I first got my period, everything about tampons mortified me. I mean, come on: who wanted to talk about something that goes into your vagina and soaks up your menstrual blood? I didn’t! I made my mom buy them for me at the store, I hid them in the depths of my handbags so … Read More

10 Of Your Best Comments About Tampons

Every girl remembers the first time she ever tried to use a tampon. My story involved a family vacation to a water park, and you guessed it: I was on my period. I was 13-years-old at the time and had only ever tried to wear a tampon once before – it ended in pain and … Read More

10 Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions About Tampons

Tampons are pretty damn scary when you first start getting your period. Whoever didn’t freak out and fail to insert one in properly on their first go is an anomaly, honestly, because those things are just tricky to get the hang of. After a while you get the hang of it and you stop worrying … Read More

Giveaway: Enter To Win A $250 Amazon Gift Card and Two Boxes Of Playtex® Sport® Fresh Balance™ Tampons!

Quick: What is one thing you could always use more of, no matter what? I mean, okay, there are a lot of things, but for me, one of the top answers has to be tampons. I feel like I am constantly running out of tampons, like I never have them when I actually need them. … Read More

Tampons Aren’t A Big Deal, And You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed About Your Period

Let’s talk about periods. Let’s talk all about periods and cramps and pads and tampons. Women have periods. This is not news nor is it something to be so hush-hush about. Tampax has come out with a new line of tampons called “Radiant” that, well, I’ll allow them to explain it: “New Tampax Radiant Compak … Read More

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