What Getting Dumped Is Really Like, Explained By GIFs

Getting dumped sucks. It really, really sucks. There’s no other way to put it. The last time I got dumped, I literally stopped eating (no, really), I cried in public a minimum of 20 times and I basically made myself look like the most pathetic person ever. ANYWAY. The point is, no one likes to … Read More

Are You Getting Dumped Because You Won’t Have Sex?

Check out what’s new on our boards! Right now, our girls are talking about if you’re getting dumped because you won’t have sex: EverythingChanges1114 said: “I’ve recently come across a problem that I’m really having trouble dealing with. I’ve recently started to wonder if my most recent relationships haven’t been very long is partially because … Read More

I Got Dumped But I Wasn’t Officially In A Relationship

My last official relationship was in 2011. That sounds a lot scarier when I actually typed it out. Since that breakup, I’ve casually dated guys but haven’t gotten into anything that even resembled a relationship because I was still hurt for a long time. Then I moved to New York and discovered how hard it … Read More

Your Complete Guide To Getting Dumped Gracefully

There are very few things that suck more than getting dumped. But did you know there’s a difference between getting dumped desperately and getting dumped gracefully? It’s true. Even if you were rejected and feel like the most undesirable person ever right now, you can come out of this smelling like a rose (and looking … Read More

I Got Dumped By My BFF: Part Two

Did you guys check out Part 1 of this comic?! If not, read it here. Tori’s first comic was about her BFF dumping her for her boyfriend. She got so much feedback and so many comments from you girls that she knew she had to make a Part 2. The awesome news? She used your … Read More

I Got Dumped… By My Best Friend

Got Dumped? There’s An App For That

So you’ve been dumped and the only thing you absolutely couldn’t live without more than your BF/GF is your beloved iPhone. Some would argue the right technologies can fix anything: world hunger, energy sustainability, disease epidemics–but what about the broken heart? We’re not sure that there’s a cure for that besides time and some serious … Read More

How Do You Move On After Being Dumped?

Check out what’s new on our boards! Right now, girls are talking about how to move on after a breakup. Check it out: EllieXoxo said: Recently I got dumped by my boyfriend. We’d been going out for about a month and I genuinely think I was falling in love with him. He said he thinks … Read More

Dumped for the Holidays

You can get through the holidays with a broken heart. Here’s how. Read More

Adele is “Becoming Friends Again” With the Boyfriend Who Dumped Her. WDYT?

Here at gURL we’re huge fans of Adele for tons of reasons that we probably don’t even need to go into (except this is probably one). But she recently

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