Watch This Dog Cover Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”

It’s been decided: dogs covering hit songs is the new best thing ever. Seriously. I mean, we already saw how amazingly adorable it was in this “Call Me Maybe” cover, and now we’re about to see it again. One very lonely puppy covers Adele’s song “Rolling In The Deep”, and it’s too cute for words. … Read More

Adele Is Pregnant And We Think It’s Awesome!

Major congratulations are in order for one of our favorite singers of all time: Adele is pregnant with her first child! We couldn’t be more thrilled for her, and we know all of you Adele fans feel the same way. She announced the news on her blog this afternoon in a post titled “I’ve Got … Read More

Adele Saved This Little Girl’s Life. Seriously.

Good thing Adele got dumped by some dumb douchebag a few years ago. It wound up saving a life! Grab your Kleenex, girls–it’s about to get awfully misty in here. The healing power of music just hit a particularly high note. While most of us remedy our broken hearts with Adele‘s album 21, the British … Read More

This 2-Year-Old Singing Adele Is Too Cute For Words

“Someone Like You” just got about 10 times cuter… Read More

Adele Needs To Breakup with Her Ex—And So Do You

Pining over yesterday’s news made Adele famous, but isn’t it time we all moved on and got over loser guys? Read More

Link Hearts: Is Adele Hiding Inside This Girl?

Pretty sure there’s no better cover of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep out there. Read More

Crying It Out To Adele’s “Someone Like You”

Did you see the crying to Adele’s “Someone Like You” sketch on Saturday Night Live? Did you sob? Read More

Adele is “Becoming Friends Again” With the Boyfriend Who Dumped Her. WDYT?

Here at gURL we’re huge fans of Adele for tons of reasons that we probably don’t even need to go into (except this is probably one). But she recently

Adele Says Weight Shouldn’t Rule Your Life and We Agree. WDYT?

Adele says she doesn’t want her weight to rule her life. We love her body confidence! WDYT? Read More

Jam Session: Daniela Brooker Is The New Adele (And Covers Adele Too). WDYT of Her?

If you’re looking for new music right about now, you’re definitely going to be giving us a round of applause after you watch this. We got up-and-coming singer Daniela Brooker to visit our offices to perform a little acoustic set and this gURL is about to be huge. She’s getting comparisons to Adele (and after … Read More

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