16 Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Mornings More Organized

Most people would agree that mornings are rough. Aside from pulling ourselves out of our warm, cozy beds, we then need to rush around getting what feels like a million things done so that we can actually start our day. Things get even more hectic when you have siblings, parents, and/or roomies who are getting … Read More

15 Extra-Soothing Ways To Take Care Of Yourself If You’re Depressed

If you’ve ever been depressed, you probably already know that, in this state, pretty much everything feels hard to do. Getting out of bed is hard. Taking a shower is hard. Talking to friends is hard. Basically, anything that falls into the realm of “self care“–an umbrella term that generally covers small things you can … Read More

Why Will He Flirt With You But Never Make A Move On You?

Hello Heather, I know you probably get a ton of emails and they’re probably way more important than mine, so if you’re reading this, thanks for taking the time! Anyways, there’s this guy I work with at an ice skating rink, so we see each other a lot. We both kind of like each other … Read More

15 Cool Quotes That Will Actually Make You Feel Good About Being Single

Given that we are now a few hours into the start of new, fresh, and unsullied year–provided that a giant meteor has not yet struck this earth in the brief period between my writing this post and it being published–the time is right, I think, for a little inspiration. And, usually, when it comes to inspiration, … Read More

27 Hilarious Tumblr Posts Of F*ckboys Flirting That Will Make You Laugh

We all know at least one f*ckboy. You know who it is: the dude who doesn’t know how to take “no” for an answer. The guy who texts you after midnight saying things like, “u up? ;)” The guy who overuses the creepy face emoji (you know the one). The dude who doesn’t seem to … Read More

12 Of The Most Infuriating Songs Of 2016

I don’t think it is too grandiose a statement to say that, on the whole, music was pretty good in 2016. Most other things were not good, it is true (ahem) but there was Solange and Beyonce and Frank Ocean and Rihanna and Chance The Rapper to buffet us through what, in many ways, appeared to be the worst … Read More

The 16 Most Shocking Celebrity Transformations Of 2016

So much happened in 2016 that it can feel overwhelming to try and catch up on it all. There’s all of the important stuff, like the giant change in our government and the constant threats to our safety, and then there’s the less important stuff that might not impact us directly, but can be a lot … Read More

16 Of The Biggest Celebrity Feuds Of 2016 That Were Messy AF

A lot of things about this past year were messy AF, and that obviously includes the celebrity feuds that happened. Celebrities publicly fighting on social media via petty Instagram posts or obvious sub-tweets is nothing new, and is almost always entertaining (it’s nice to see them acting real, even if it is in this immature … Read More

26 Actual Good Things That Happened In 2016

By now, we are so used to hearing about how terrible 2016 was that thinking of it as anything other than the worst year we all collectively lived seems almost sacrilegious. And while it’s certainly true that a lot of awful things happened – I don’t think I need to go over them again, but … Read More

The 16 Most Popular Hair Trends Of 2016 You’ll Never Forget

Just like clothing and makeup, the most popular hair styles and colors change every year. Of course, there are some classic hair looks that will probably always stick around, like beachy locks, Victoria’s Secret inspired waves, and perfectly natural looking highlights. There are also the looks that will continue to go in and out of … Read More

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