Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Kids: What Happens When Parents Try To Bird-Feed Their Kids

Here’s what happens when parents try to bird-feed their kids… Read More

My Guy Friend is Getting Creepy. What Should I Do??

Dear Heather, I’ve been best friends with this guy for 3 years now. Recently when I was going through a tough breakup I said some things I shouldn’t about how I wish guys were more like him. It turns out that he’s been in love with me for these 3 years, but I tried to … Read More

Discuss: “Purity Ring on It” Video Encourages Gurls to Save Their Virginities Until Marriage. Are You Holding out for God?

Putchya Hands up! Oh , oh, oh, oh, oh! The bootylicious Beyonce‘s super catchy “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” is the anthem for gURLs dating non-committing guys.  “If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!” she repeats over and over as we shake our booties to the beat. Inspired … Read More

i want to buy a vibrator, but i’m under 18! what do i do?

dear heather, you say it’s perfectly fine to use a vibrator or dildo to masturbate, but a lot of us are under 18 and have no means of getting one. is there any way to get one without being 18? what should we do? While there are no laws that say a gURL must be … Read More

is it OK to masturbate if i’m Christian and in an LDR? i feel so guilty!

dear heather, My boyfriend is off at college this year and I miss him so much. We are both very strong Christians and don’t believe in having sex until marriage. Even though this is the case I still get horny, especially now that he is gone. I know it’s normal to feel this way but … Read More

advice gURL: can webcam sex be more awkward than the real thing?

gott.ist.ein.popstar agreed to have video cyber sex with her committed (albeit long distance) boyfriend. Problem is, she’s not all that comfortable stripping down in front of him. How can she get past her nerves and finally let the magic happen? So, [he] has a webcam now. First off, I get really nervous talking to him … Read More

hookup confession: back from bahrain

Today’s hookup confession comes from ldy_lthl24, but it isn’t about her. Rather, it’s about her friend Bri’s trials and tribulations with a guy named Gilbert. But don’t worry, there’s a happy ending! Remember, if you want your story featured on Hookup Confessions, you should start writing on the Shout Out Boards! If it needs to … Read More

hookup confession: hide and seek

This week’s Hookup Confessions comes from gleegal723. Read on (it’s really adorable) and be sure to share YOUR stories on the Shout Out boards, or email us at askanexpert@gurl.com. A bunch of my friends and I were playing manhunt (you know, like hide and seek but all over the neighborhood) and this really cute guy … Read More

hookup confession: kissing at summer camp

“I had this feeling, this tiny inkling, that if I leaned back ever-so-slightly, then he would kiss me…” Did he? Read on! Read More

hookup confessions: “he put his hand on my cheek and we kissed.”

read gURL’s second installment of “hookup confession” by conversechick151. hint: it’s a really sweet first kiss! Read More

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