The Trailer For Every Romantic Comedy Ever

You know how every romantic comedy basically has the same plot outline? Girl meets boy, boy and girl fall in love, they have a tragic fallout and then end up together. Really, it’s a scientific movie formula. Rom-coms are all the same movie just with different characters. Tell me you don’t notice this the next … Read More

Steal Her Style: How To Dress Like Celebrities For Prom

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching the awards shows this season, it’s that there are way too many beautiful dresses in this world. I loved seeing all of the gorgeous gowns on the red carpet of major awards shows like the Oscars, Golden Globes and Screen Actor’s Guild awards. There were way too … Read More

Awesome Magician Turns Coffee Into Coins For Homeless Man

File this one under “Warms even Lord Voldemort’s soul” because this is some sweet, sweet magic. In Poland, a street magician asks to perform a trick for a homeless man with his cup of coffee. He ends up filling the entire cup with coins, and the homeless man is clearly blown away and super grateful. … Read More

Why Are So Many People Obsessed With The Thigh Gap?

It wasn’t that long ago that thinspo and pro-anorexia memes, sayings and pictures were splashed all over the Internet (in fact, despite the attempt to ban thinspo, it’s definitely still around), but there’s already a new “weight loss” trend going around: the thigh gap.  I’m not exactly sure when this started, but at some point, … Read More

Get Prom Ready With Our Grammy-Worthy Playlist

With awards season in full-swing, I know y’all are soaking up red carpet looks for prom inspiration! But using a celeb’s style isn’t the only way to let awards season influence you. I can’t get ready in silence. I prefer to rock out and maybe definitely sing into my makeup brushes. Having the right music … Read More

The Best Of The 2013 Grammys In GIFs!

The 2013 Grammys were last night (Feb. 10), and there was no shortage of awesome moments. Though a lot of things weren’t too surprising (like Justin Timberlake slaying and Adele winning), that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a blast to watch. From performances to wins to reactions, everyone from Taylor Swift to Jay-Z, Beyonce and Frank … Read More

Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Should Host Our Lives

If you missed the Golden Globes last night, don’t worry! There were lots of awards, laughs, and Taylor Swift throwing shade on Adele. You didn’t miss that much. Except Jodie Foster making some long speech about stuff (I don’t really know) and Bradley Cooper looking hot. Oh and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were absolutely hysterical! Like … Read More

Here’s Why I Think Taylor Swift Is Secretly A Mean Girl

I know there are a lot of Taylor Swift fans here, but… hear me out. Because I need to take a few minutes to rant about everyone’s favorite pop singer. Despite the fact that I can’t seem to help singing along to her music when it comes on the radio, I am not a fan … Read More

The Best 2013 Golden Globes GIFs!

Adele, Argo, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Lawrence may have technically been the winners at last night’s 2013 Golden Globes ceremony, but let’s be real–we all were winners. With hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, there was no way the show wasn’t going to be a party. In case you missed the fun on TV–or just … Read More

Who is Quvenzhané Wallis? Meet This 9-Year-Old Acting Super Star!

We love Jennifer Lawrence here at Gurl, so when the nominations for the Academy Awards were announced this morning, we were excited to learn that Jen is in the running this year for Best Actress in a Leading Role. However, we have to say that it’s another girl nominated in that same category that we’re … Read More

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