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Oh, hey girl. Welcome to our About Us page! So flattered that you want to learn more. So, where to start?

How about with the basics? is an online community and content site for teenage girls that is all kinds of awesome. We’re focused on covering what’s important to you, with no frills attached. Are you looking for a glossy guide on how to be perfect and never make mistakes ever again? Then, um, you’re in the wrong place. But if you want an honest take on sex, news, advice and health, plus rad quizzes and games, then welcome home! It’s all here and it’s all for you.

Sure, we’re doing most of the writing, but YOU are the biggest part of Gurl. We want our girls to be heard loud and clear here. The easiest way to voice up is to become a member. Then you’ll be able to connect with other girls in the message boards, create a profile and more. If you just want us to hear your thoughts, then shoot us a note.

And, by the way, we’re always looking for new Gurl contributors, comic artists, interns and content ideas. Don’t be shy about hollering our way!

And who the heck are we? Well, allow ourselves to introduce ourselves.

Gurl Staff:
Julie Kraut, Editorial Director
Jessica Booth, Associate Editor
Caitlin Corsetti, Editorial Assistant
Ashley Reese, Editorial Intern

Product Manager: Gennaro Monaco

Gabriel Topete

Theresa Newman
Agustin Feliz
Ismail Siddiqui
Mahesh Sahoo

Community Moderators:
Keri Y.

Esther Drill
Heather McDonald
Rebecca Odes

Partnerships and Sales Contacts:
Andi Poch
SVP of Digital Sales

Gurl has three books: The best-selling DEAL WITH IT! A Whole New Approach to Your Body, Brain, and Life as a gURL, THE LOOKS BOOK: A Whole New Approach to Beauty, Body Image and Style and WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? Getting a Life after High School. was founded in 1996 at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University and is now published by Alloy Media + Marketing.

151 W. 26th Street
New York, NY 10001

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