Community Rules & Safety

There are a few rules you must follow when you visit gURL. Please take time to read and understand these rules. Members who violate these Community Rules or the gURL Terms of Service may be removed from the gURL community, at gURL’s sole discretion.

1. Respect other community members. Do not insult, abuse or harass other gURLs. You don’t have to agree with everything everyone says, but if you do have a disagreement, be respectful! Attacks on other gURL members are not allowed.

2. Do not publicly post any personal information, including your real name, your street address, and phone number. Use discretion when sharing your e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter. gURLs who want to get in touch with you can send you an email via the profile system. Also, if you want to communicate directly and privately with another gURL member, you should use this system. Please read gURL’s internet safety page for further information.

3. No soliciting. Do not advertise any products or services at is not intended to be used as a dating service. Do not use the message boards as a dating service or to solicit dates, hook ups or friends with benefits.

4. Please post your thoughts on the appropriate board; otherwise it makes the conversations hard to follow. For example, do not post about your favorite band in the Teen Pregnancy board.

5. The responses to your posts are just suggestions and opinions, not definitive instructions. Suggestions and information given must be constructive and not mean or hurtful. Hurtful posts or posts that encourage harmful behavior will be removed from the message boards–particularly the Crisis Center boards which are to be used for support and advice.

6. Do not “cyber” or solicit another to cyber (e.g., engage in cyber sex) in any community area.

7. We do not allow pornographic, racist, hateful or otherwise inappropriate usernames. We reserve the right to determine what is considered an inappropriate username.

8. We reserve the right to remove any language or images that we deem inappropriate. Do not request or post links to any sites that display pornographic, violent or hateful materials. Do not post or request pornographic stories and/or images. Any racist, hateful, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate language (ie, derogatory of anyone’s race, nationality, sexual orientation or religious beliefs) or images will be deleted.

9. Do not impersonate gURL staff members or other members of the community.

10. Re-publishing your words: Your words are very important. What you say can offer insight and wisdom to other gURLs. Since what you say is so valuable, we will try to bring the best of your words out to a larger audience. We may do this from time to time by quoting your message board posts in newsletters, throughout gURL and its promotions including: our sites, books, within newspaper columns, radio and tv programs. When re-publishing your quotes for wide distribution, we will identify you only by your gURL member name. We promise to be sensitive in this effort. Please see the Terms of Service for further details related to use and republishing of your words.

11. Follow gURL community moderators’ instructions. These moderators are there to keep the content of the boards useful and fun for everyone. If a moderator contacts you and asks you to stop a certain behavior, you are required to do so. Failure to follow community guidelines can result in the cancellation of your gURL membership. When a moderator posts to the board, her nickname will contain the prefix gURLstaff- or gURLmod-.

12. Please read and understand gURL’s Terms of Service agreement. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so by clicking here. These Community Rules apply to all services and sites provided by Failure to follow these rules may result in action being taken against you, including but not limited to the cancellation of your membership to any and all gURL services. We reserve the right to remove any user from the boards who does not follow the community rules outlined above or the Terms of Service. Please note that we review our Community Rules from time to time and that these Community Rules are, therefore subject to change. We ask that you periodically review this page to ensure continuing familiarity with the most current version of gURL’s Community Rules.

Inappropriate Messages
While we monitor the community, we cannot catch everything that goes on right away. Please help us by letting us know if you see something inappropriate in any of our community services. Messages that would be considered inappropriate are those that have broken one or more of the community rules. You have two options to notify us:

1. “Report a Violation” link — This can be found in the “Options” menu on any message in the boards. Click the link, within the inappropriate message, select a reason from the violation pull down menu and add a comment if you wish. To send, hit the “Report Violation” button.

2. You can also send an email to Include the name of the board and folder that the message was posted in along with the nickname of the person posting.

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