16 Posts That Will Change The Word “Daddy” Forever For You

At this point, I think we can all agree that the word “daddy” has more or less lost all of its meaning. There was a time, for many of us, when the word “daddy” meant, I don’t know. A father? Or something? But now, as we all know, it means something else entirely. I didn’t … Read More

What Is “Covfefe?” Check Out Everything You Need To Know About The President’s New Word Here

What the heck is a “covfefe?” This is a question that, over the past twelve hours or so, you have likely asked, found the answer to, and, of course, grown violently sick of. But, if you don’t know (I’m jealous!), all you have to know is this: Basically, at 12:06 AM on Wednesday, May 21, … Read More

10 Random Words You Learned In 2016

Did this year seem not real to you? Almost like a 365 day-long nightmare? Don’t worry, you are not alone. This year was a literal mess. I would even go further and say that it was a pile of garbage. When I look back on 2016, I will think of a burning trash can. Am … Read More

16 Popular Words That Changed Meaning In 2016

Like any other period in time, 2016 was a year that produced many new slang words. Some of these words were more like acronyms – AF and TBH are probably the biggest examples of those – while others were words that we’ve always known about, but they now mean something different. I don’t know where … Read More

15 Gross Words For “Penis” That Will Actually Make You Want To Die

Words, as I am sure you learned in at least one of your early elementary school classes, can hurt. They hurt when they’re used to make fun of someone, when they’re used to demean someone, and they are used to devalue someone. But words hurt with an especially biting, bone-deep sting when they are used–as they often are–to … Read More

8 Gross Slang Words For Vagina That Are Really Sexist

It’s no secret that most of the slang words for “vagina” are violent or disgusting at worst and sexist at best. You don’t have to walk around saying “vagina” instead of anything else, but there are definitely some vag nicknames you need to avoid, especially the secretly sexist terms. If you’ve been saying these words, … Read More

11 Gross Words For “Sexy” That Will Actually Make You Want To Die

At this point, the many words that the internet hates are so well-known that to hate them yourself is basically a cliche. You know, words like “moist.” “Panties.” “Smear.” Words that, somehow, through their unfortunate combination of consonants and vowels, make them more or less impossible to hear or read in any context. If you think about it, though, … Read More

16 Gender Neutral Words To Use Instead Of Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

It’s 2016, and we encourage everyone to be who they are and identify where they feel comfortable on the sexuality and gender spectrum. But despite the effort from many to move away from traditional gender roles and relationship concepts, we still have a long way to go. When talking about dating, it’s still normal to … Read More

12 Real Guys Describe Periods In Three Words

Periods: some call them a blessing, some call them a curse. I usually call them a nuisance. Of course, hypothetically, I agree that being physically capable of bearing children is something of awe and empowerment, but as someone who is personally not ready (not now and maybe not ever, to be honest) to have kids, … Read More

14 Annoying Feelings We All Wish We Had Words For

I love words, I love stringing them together in phrases (duh, I’m a writer), and I love learning new ones. I wish we had more of them. Specifically, I wish I had a succinct word for certain feelings I’m sure we all get but can’t quite figure out a way to describe it accurately. You … Read More

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