7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Losing Your Virginity

Deciding when to lose your virginity is a big decision for many people. There are a lot of things to think about, from your emotions to the physical act to the logistics. (It’s well and good if you’ve decided to put the P in the V. Then you have to think about protection and where … Read More

7 Ways To Get Ready To Lose Your Virginity So The Sex Is Actually Good

Sex: it’s what everybody is doing… except for you. Until now! Okay, fine, that is not exactly an accurate statement, because you are certainly not the only virgin in the world (even if it feels that way). But if you’re reading this, chances are better than good that you’re planning on having sex for the … Read More

8 Virginity Myths You Probably Believe

Right around the time you hit puberty, chances are good that you received the talk. Or, to be more specific, The Talk–a conversation so grave and important, presumably, that it practically requires a caps-heavy title. The actual content of this talk varies between people, but, generally, it circles around various puberty-related things–periods, body hair, body … Read More

10 Things Girls Wish They Knew Before Losing Their Virginity

It’s hard to not feel hyped up about the first time you have sex, whether you’re terrified, excited, completely confused, or a mix of everything. The media, Hollywood, and societal expectations makes it impossible to think about losing your virginity and not feel some type of way. For some people, having sex is considered a … Read More

What To Do If Losing Your Virginity Was So Painful You’re Scared To Try Sex Again

Hi Heather, My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time a few weeks ago. The pain was horrible and I can’t imagine his penis trying to go inside of me every again. It was extremely painful and we only did it for a few moments because I couldn’t take it. He understood at … Read More

Why Losing My Virginity To A Guy I Had No Romantic Feelings For Made My Sex Life Better

I’m not sure where the notion originated that your first time having sex has to be special. I’m assuming that some piece of fiction put into our heads that losing your virginity has to be all hearts, candles, and roses. I myself certainly wasn’t immune to the butterfly-inducing idea of being in love the first … Read More

Quiz: When Should You Lose Your Virginity?

It’s a question that inevitably goes through every teen girl’s mind at a certain point, no matter how hard we might try to avoid it: when the F will I lose my virginity?! Believe me, we’ve all been there. Even if you’re feeling scared, nervous, or you aren’t 100 percent sure if you’re even ready, you’ve … Read More

20 Cold, Hard Truths About Virginity You Need To Know

Once you learn what sex is, you almost immediately get amped up about losing your virginity… and then, almost as quickly, you get freaked the eff out. The many thoughts running through your head include: When is it going to happen? With who? Wait, what goes where? What comes out of what? How do I know … Read More

8 Things You Didn’t Know Can Count As Losing Your Virginity

You, like many other people in this world, have probably grown up believing that a virgin is someone who has never had penetrative, P-in-V sex, as in the act between a man and a woman. Okay, except, uh, what about people who don’t want to have sex with the opposite gender? Does that mean they … Read More

12 Real People Share Who They Lost Their Virginity To

Losing your v-card, for most people, is a pretty big deal. It’s something (almost) everyone does at some time in their life, but everyone does it at a different age, in a different place, with a different person, and for different reasons. Some people plan ahead for the perfect setup, and for some people it … Read More

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