7 Pieces Of Advice On How To Talk Dirty During Sex

Talking dirty is one of those things that you always assume is super easy and straightforward, but when it really comes down to it, you suddenly realize that it’s hard and incredibly awkward. Getting your significant other aroused takes a lot of creativity and quick thinking, and it’s even worse if you’re not that great … Read More

Too Embarrassed To Talk Dirty During Sex? Say This One Word Instead

There are a lot of advantages to talking dirty during sex. Dirty talk can make the whole experience more fun, it’s a great way to express yourself, it can make both of you even more turned on and it’s the best way to let your partner know exactly what feels good – thus, making sex … Read More

Straight Talk With Shallon: How Do I Talk Dirty?!

Hey Shallon, What’s the deal with dirty talk? I’ve been having sex with my boyfriend of a year and sometimes feel like the normal moans and “oohs” and “mmmms” are lame and kind of routine. I want to say other stuff but I feel SO lame busting out dirty porn words because I’m not a big cusser … Read More

8 Lessons On How To Talk Dirty

Talking dirty can be… weird. It can be confusing and it can even seem a little silly sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Dirty talk isn’t exclusively triple X rated conversations. It can just be telling your partner what you like in a fun, flirty way. Thinking about it that way doesn’t make … Read More

i want to talk dirty but i have no idea how to. help!

Hey Heather, I need some advice on how to talk dirty with my boyfriend. He does it to me and it really turns me on and he would like me to do it back but I don’t know what to say. Thanks! Dirty talk can be fun and sexy, and is one of the easiest … Read More

9 Things Not To Do When Talking Dirty

Talking is one of the most common things we do. Pause for a moment and consider how often you’re on your phone or the number of casual convos you have with your friends and family. That being said, it can also be really intimidating. Just think about the clammy heads and wet pits you get before you … Read More

11 Ridiculous Questions About Dirty Talk That You Have To See

Dirty talk: Something that sounds so good in theory but in practice is a skill that very few possess. I mean, seriously, have you ever tried it? For most of us, it has the sex appeal of sandpaper, but it’s not for a lack of trying. It’s just…really hard to get verbally randy without feeling … Read More

8 Secret Tricks To Becoming A Pro At Dirty Talk During Sex

Aside from moans and groans during sex, there’s no sexier noise than a little dirty talk. Even Jason Derulo likes it, as he expresses so subtly in one of his hit songs: “Talk dirty to me.” If you’ve never whispered sweet nothings to your partner in a sultry voice when you’re together, there’s nothing to be nervous … Read More

Hayley Tries Cosmopolitan’s Tips For Talking Dirty

It’s “Hump Day Wednesday” on What’s Up With Hayley! For today’s episode, she’s turning to Cosmopolitan magazine for inspiration. Hayley is trying out Cosmo’s talking dirty tips, but her results may be just a little different than what they had in mind. Watch Hayley give dirty talk a try above, and remember to tune back … Read More

The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Talking Dirty

Alright, ladies. A few weeks back we gave you some pretty helpful tips on how to talk dirty. I know what you’re thinking, though. Isn’t there a way to make this process even simpler? Hey, I don’t blame you. I love finding the easiest way to do anything. When it comes to talking dirty, you want … Read More

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